Once Merged There’s No Way Out

The Business of Marriage Part 2

Once married and you & your spouse become one, you have no business trying to become two ever again.  Marriage as we mentioned in our last post is a merger of two individuals into one.  I believe that marriage isn’t for ordinary people.  It’s for those who desire to be extraordinary.  Marriage takes, what’s normal, two individuals and changes them into one.  You have to admit that a process like that isn’t normal.  Maybe that’s why so many marriages fail.

Listen to my rationale.  People in ordinary relationships believe that each party can have their own interests and can keep their own interests separate.  If you want to have a relationship like no one else then this is not the way.  Ordinary people miss the definition of marriage which is to take two and merge them into one.  Marriage is not two people doing life together.  It’s the two merging their lives into one.

Do I have your attention yet?  You and your spouse are no longer two, get used to it; it’s the reason for marriage.  Marriage = Merger.

“You have no business trying to become two after becoming one.”

More of What I Learned From Three Companies Merging
I touched on this a little in the previous post of how, each company in the merger wanted to hold on to their old way of doing business.  Each one wants to hold on to their legacy way of doing business.  In the same way, each person wants to hold on to their legacy way of doing life and it just doesn’t work.  It’s time for a new way.  The new company and a new way of doing business emerges and it’s not like any of the former companies.  The same is true when you say “I do.”  The new persons will emerge with a new way of living.

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There’s No Room For Divorce
Let me be “frank”.  It’s easy to separate when two people continue to live and exist as two individuals.  Two companies that continue to operate separately from each other can easily part ways.  Let the two people or the two companies merge and it becomes impossible to separate.  In this new company, there is no longer two.  They can’t be separated.  None of the old pieces exist and thusly can’t be pulled out or apart.

Divorce is only on the table when there still lives two unique persons.  You can’t divorce yourself or do without yourself.  Divorce is a sign that marriage, the merger, the two becoming one, never occurred.  Can you really call that a marriage?  I tell you the truth when we allow ordinary thinking into our minds, we’ll believe that something like marriage is something that it isn’t.  Marriage is a merger.

I understand that sometimes the “uncommon” concepts are a little hard to swallow.  So I pause here so that you can take a breath.

Question: what thoughts are you having or wrestling with about this concept of marriage being a merger?  Leave a comment below or click here to email me (or tweet me).

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