Beyond the Ground Floor of Love

The 16 Levels of Love – Part 1

I’ve never been as excited about getting to a section of my writing as I am with this one.  I also have some apprehensions about it, as I want to make sure I give you my best.  I pray I do this justice.  Let’s get started.  

If you will recall, the theme of my writing this year is centered around a mythical building called the Tower of Love.  In this tower, you’ll approach an elevator or take the stairs, but no matter which method of progression you choose for departing the ground floor, you must go through the door leading to the next level.  Opening the door symbolizes that you desire to enter.  Opening the door means you choose to exit where you are and go to the place that you are not.  Reading beyond this point is you opening that door to information that you’ve not had and closing the door on information that you had already.

51% or Better Know Very Little About Love
I believe you are ready for the 16 levels of love.  Before we see what’s on each level or get to level 1, you need to understand something.  “Love” has many components.  I have found 16 components that’s available to you that you’re more than likely not receiving.  When you enter into a “love” relationship, any “love” relationship, you don’t need all 16 and you don’t have to have all 16, but all 16 are available to you.  Why not go after all 16?  Maybe because you don’t know they exist.  

I use to believe that loving a person was a difficult thing to do, until I found out I never knew how to love in the 1st place.  It is pretty difficult to love someone when you don’t know how or even what “love” is.  I feel like it’s a perfect time for me to go to the left a little.  Most, 51% or better, think they know what love is and I’m here to tell you that you’ll soon realize that most know very little about “love”.

The Purpose of the 16 Levels of Love
My goal is not to point out that what you have isn’t good, but to point out what you’re missing is much better.  I want you to be able to experience life, love, and relationships in a way you never have before.  I want you to experience what normal people don’t.  I want you to take ordinary and throw it out the door for extraordinary.   An extraordinary marriage awaits you.  

The waiting is over.  You’ve held in there for most of the year and I promise it will be worth the wait and anticipation.  Join us next week for level 1 of the 16 levels of love.  

Question: What do you feel like you’re missing in your relationship and why?  Leave a comment below or click here to email me (or tweet me).

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