God has the Hardest Job of All

Why Did this Happen to Me?

Part 3 – God has the Hardest Job of All

We are finally at the conclusion of this message, “Why Did This Happen to Me?”  I believe I’ve saved the best ’til last. In part 1, we discussed how we all, at some point in time, ask the question that Americus asked, “why did this happen to me?”  We think knowing the answer to this question might solve the issue.  In part 2, we revealed the first of two responses that God gave me… “God knows best.”  Even when we are hit with the tough issues of life, God knows best and already has a plan mapped out.  Now for the conclusion and response number 2, “God has the hardest job of all.”

I am a little reluctant in sharing this message because I’ve never had the opportunity to share it elsewhere or even finish a blog post about it.  So I’ll start with this, “Job” said “I know you [God] are sending me to my death – the destination of all  who live.”  It’s a hard, but a true statement that we as humans must come to grip with the fact that all who live will die.  We can chose to be mad with God about this fact.  We can become bitter or depressed about it, but it doesn’t change.  Since the result never changes and  we are smart, we will concentrate on what can change; and that’s us.  As a result of death, we can change. Here’s how…

Imagine that you’re an expecting parent-meaning you have a child on the way.  For the parents reading this, think back to a time when you were expecting a child.  You’ve reached the delivery date and the birth of your child is at hand.  For most, it’s one of life’s most joyful moments.  What if, at the same time you gave your child, who is crossing the birth canal, a birth date, you at the same time had to give him/her a death date? What if when your child was born you had to chose which date he/she will die?  What date would you pick?  What if you had to chose the death date for each one of your family members and closest friends?  Remember, we’re concluding, “why did this happen to me?”

God has to not only chose a birth date for each human-being who ever lived, but also a death date.  Just think, while you are questioning God and sometimes maybe even mad with Him, try being Him.

On the few occasions I’ve had to comfort friends and family who had a loved one transitioning from earth to eternity, I would ask them a question.  Those having issues letting go of mom, dad, grandma or grandpa or worse a child, I would ask them what day would you chose?  They must go, it’s not an option, so which day would you chose?  If not today, when?  No matter what day you choose, you’ll still have to face it.  I’m not making light of this emotional event, but I want to paint a clear picture of the job that God has to perform.

Not only is He concerned about the person whose time has come, but at the same time He must demonstrate love, the only characteristic that He knows, in what we call a bad situation.  He brings families and friends together with their emotions, tears, laughter and memories.  He captures their pain and joys.  Talk about an emotional roller-coaster.  This is what God faces every time a person passes.  Why did this happen to me?  God has the hardest job of all.

Since this all started with Americus, what date would you have chosen for Americus?  She, just like all of us, had/has to have one.  Would she have experienced an even worse life experience because you were too consumed with self to set the right date?

Think of it this way…  Have you ever been on a really great vacation that you didn’t want to come to an end? Life is the same way.  Just because it comes to an end, doesn’t mean it wasn’t great.  God makes a wonderful masterpiece out of every human-being.  Americus was a masterpiece created by God.  She was indeed His gift to us.  She was a gift to me.  We all were a recipient of one of the greatest gifts He’s ever made-we did life with Americus (Schelle) Hodge. Thank God, He is The One for the job!

When I concluded my remarks at her funeral, I asked the church to stand to their feet and honor God by giving Americus a standing ovation, the one she never received while on earth.

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