You Could Use a Shield of Defense

So why is it we give up on praying? Why do we only pray when situations are out of our control? It’s interesting, when all hope is gone we turn to prayer.

The Bible encourages us to never stop praying. Why not turn to prayer first, so that all hope of recovery is not lost. Pray at the beginning, not at the end. Don’t let prayer be your last stand, but instead, your shield of defense before the battle begins.

Uncommon or No Longer Common: Ordinary (common) people tend to only pray when situations are out of their control and when all hope seems gone. Prayer becomes a reaction in moments of a crisis or disaster. People who live outside of the norm pray in all circumstances using prayer as a defense shield before life’s crisis and disasters emerge.


iPray: Lord, I will not make prayer my last stand effort, but my shield of defense before the battle even begins. In Jesus’ name.

iPray: Father, I’m working on my communication with You so that it doesn’t always come at the end of my battle -hopeless situations, but at the beginning.  In Jesus’ name.

iPray: Father, I no longer wait until all hope is lost before I pray – communicate with God about my problem.  I involve You early on.  In Jesus’ name.

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