A New Definition for the Word: L O V E

How to Evaluate Whether Someone Loves You – Part 3

It’s in what you give
Pamela and I have a rule (or family value) that says we’re not friends with people because they are our friends in return.  We’re a person’s friend even when they are not ours.  I guess you might be wondering how that works?  In “normal” society, most people do something with an exchange mindset.  If I buy you lunch today, you will return the favor and buy me lunch tomorrow.  If I love you, you’ll love me back.  If I call you, then you’ll return my call.  That’s not how “uncommon” relationships work; it’s how “normal” relationships work.  And you know what “normal” relationships get you.  100% of the relationship is on me because 50/50 relationships don’t work; you see those come to an end everyday.  In the same way, “real love” is not a love that must be returned.

20170226 NLC Blog - A New Definitions for the Word- L O V E
A New Definition for the Word: L O V E

This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.

“Real love” is not demonstrated when we love in response, but is measured when we display love by our own actions.  In others words, “real love” is not the love we have for God because of all He’s done for us.  “Real love” is what God did for us in sacrificing His son to benefit us.  

If you want to display love towards God, it only comes as a result of what you give.  What are you willing to give?  Are you willing to give your life, your time, your worship and your money?  These are just a few things we can sacrifice that displays love towards God.  You know the best way to display your love for God and love for another?  It’s simple; use your gift, your talent, your skill or craft to serve another.  That’s giving your life for another.  God gave Jesus’ life for ours to demonstrate His love for us; truth be told, Jesus has a unique gift just like we do.  His gift is the power to resurrect.  He has an uncommon ability to bring dead things, dead situations, dead dreams and dead ends to life.  

In the same manner, giving is also the measurement for showing love for other human-beings.  Notice that saying “I love you” isn’t the definition of real love.  It’s not about how many times you can get the words out.  It’s the sacrifices that only you can make to benefit another.

Ask yourself: What can you do that no one else can that demonstrates your love for another?  Leave me a comment.

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