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Unconventional Work Habits, Business Ethics, and Career Building – Part 3

I’m never surprised at the work habits of some.  Have you ever met that person who is always climbing the corporate ladder, but hasn’t gone anywhere?  The reason why is simple; they associate with other normal people who aren’t going anywhere.  They have all the ideas, and answers to every problem, but remain the same month after month and year after year.

Why doesn’t everyone qualify?
When I hear people say they’re doing things just like everyone else, I can’t believe it when they’re surprised that they have the same results as everyone else.  I love this phrase, it’s a staple for me: if it were easy everyone would be doing it.  Normal, average and ordinary people want the easy way out. They want their ideas, dreams and ambitions to auto execute.  What I’m really saying is… if it were normal, everyone would qualify.  To achieve what normal people don’t have, you must do what normal people are unwilling to do-be uncommon.

Things such as:
Have uncommon work habits.
Be at work before time.
Lose the bad attitude.
Have a positive attitude while working.
Go over and above; do more than what’s required.
Make your boss’s life easier.
Be a team player.

What doors would open for you if you adopted the attributes listed above?

You've Been Exposed - BlogThe results expose the employee.
What normal people fail to realize is that those who aren’t just like everyone else can easily recognize it.  The results you produce tell on you.  Your behaviors send out alerts and signals.  You can always evaluate the tree by the fruit that falls from it.

The results don’t stop there. You can also evaluate the type of person you are by the people you’re connected to.  If I were to take a look at your friends and people you spend much of your time, I can quickly deduce what type of person you really are.   Your relationships are of great importance, they tell everyone around you who you are whether you think so or not.

Normal people tolerate “normal”.
I’ve been in a situation before where the group I hung out with embarrassed me.  They drew unnecessary attention by being loud or making a spectacle of themselves.  Anyone watching from a distance would see and classify me in the same manner.  The problem I faced, was that I tolerated such behavior.  The more I tolerated what the group did, the less it bothered me and eventually it would become a part of who I was.  Knowing this, I ran from the group.  I immediately became busy with other things so that I could have an excuse to no longer hang out.  When you get serious about changing who you are, you should remember this principle: the very things you tolerate are the very things you become.

Ethics – your moral “normal-ness”
Moral principles are the things that are handed down by others.  If your ethics are handed to you by ordinary people, you have ordinary ethics.  If you have terrible ethics, your ethics were passed to you by terrible people.  The moral here, you’re not going anywhere your friends aren’t.

Buckle up…I’m about to go as far left as I can on this one.  [You may want to read my disclaimer first. Click here.]

Your friends should be upset, mad, maybe even disgusted with you.
In fact, you’re one of the reasons your friends are like they are and where they are in life.  I blame you!  What type of friend are you for holding your friends down?  I know that’s an interesting way to look at it.  It’s still true, because you make up the average of your friends and your friends are like their friends which include you.  You’re at fault as to why your friends aren’t growing, succeeding or achieving.  Let me go further to the left with this one.  Maybe you’re the reason why your friends can’t stay in a relationship.  Maybe it’s because of you that your friends haven’t given their life to Christ.  Maybe it’s because of your friendship that your friends are lousy parents, under-performing employees or just worthless citizens.

If you as a friend are “normal”, how does this impact your spouse or significant other? Is there a possibility that you’re the reason they are normal, ordinary, average, par, mediocre and common.

I believe it’s time for a change.
I believe you have what it takes to break the mold.
I believe you can and will by becoming no-longer-common.  Start today!

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