You Don’t Face Life Alone

Do you feel like you’re responsible for doing life all on your own?

Have you been left alone so many times that you believe you must always handle things for yourself?

If your answer is “yes”, then you are like most of us. Culture has a way of making us believe that the total sum of our life is placed on our very own shoulders.  Many of us have made loneliness our friend.  I too believed I didn’t need anyone’s help and that I can handle it all on my own.   Normal people fall into this category and allow their feelings to become their reality.

pabloI found this scripture which contradicts what I believed; it states “I [Jesus] will not leave you to face life all alone.  I am coming to you. (JOHN 14:18 BARCLAY).”  This implies that most people believe they have to face life all alone.  How common is that?

What if I were to tell you that it’s not supposed to be this way?  At least for the no-longer-common.

First Peter 5:7 gives you permission to “give all your worries and cares to God.”  Give God your worries, the things that cause you to stress, the burden on your shoulders to be successful or make someone proud.  God wants to do this for you.

“Common” is the person who tries to handle things on their own when God wants to be right there helping you but you won’t let Him.

You never again have the sole burden and responsibility of making something out of your life.  God wants to share this with you.  He wants to take the load off your shoulders.  This is what it means when ordinary is no longer enough.

iPray: Lord, I’ve tried to handle making my life a success all by myself and it’s hard.  Because of the promise You made to us all, I will never again want to face life all alone.  Will you do life with me?  Will you carry by burden?  I know then I can be more successful than ever.  In Jesus’ name.

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