Isaiah 25:1 – Such Wonderful Things

I want to do my best to describe a “normal” situation that’s so easy for us to fall prey to. There are many wonderful things that happen to a person in life. I know it’s easier to think about the things that aren’t wonderful. All the bad stuff that happens. The problems. The issues. The challenges. The failed relationships. The financial problems. But there are many wonderful things that happen that go unassociated with The One that made those things happen for us. Instead as normal human-beings we’d rather credit The One who does wonderful things as the one who does the bad things.

“O Lord, I will honor and praise your name, for you are my God. You do such wonderful things! You planned them long ago, and now you have accomplished them.” –

A Recipient of Wonderful Things
It’s easier to fall upon things that aren’t wonderful because that’s normal. Being a recipient of wonderful things is not an ordinary occurrence. Because wonderful things come from God, who is not ordinary, then wonderful things aren’t ordinary. Let us not do what ordinary people do and treat such things as less than special. When we think that the wonderful things we receive aren’t from God, we treat them as everyday normal occurrences. The popular term for this is called entitlement; we feel we’re entitled to things we didn’t earn. 

[God] You do such wonderful things!

God, who is nothing ordinary, does wonderful things. He makes plans for them (wonderful things) and He accomplishes them (wonderful things). That makes God, one of a kind. He is not normal. Who but God would make plans to do wonderful things in your life? Who but God would see to it that the wonderful things He’s planned for you get accomplished? He makes sure you’re the recipient of “wonderful things.”

A Giver of Wonderful Things
He (God that is) wants us to be like Him in this way. We too should do some wonderful things. In fact we should plan to make certain wonderful things happen around us. This makes us like God. Uncommon. No-longer-common. When we do “wonderful things” for another, we’ve performed god-like acts, uncommon deeds.

I know you’re saying what about me? You want to see some wonderful things happening for you. And you should. Often you’re just not looking for them. Because God exists, they’re there. Just open up your eyes and start looking for what God’s planning for you, made happen for you. Starting today, have great expectations and ask God what He is up to today for you. I assure you, He has some great things in store.

But don’t get caught up in wanting, waiting, and looking for your wonderful things. That’s what normal people do. You see you’re no longer normal. The person who’s waiting for wonderful things is normal. That’s the person who’s waiting on something to happen to them. That’s not what God does. Since God gives wonderful things, in order to be like Him and to be different than those who are normal around us, so must we be givers of such wonderful things.

While we are recipients of wonderful things (normal people), we are also givers of wonderful things (uncommon people). Let’s make sure we give God the appropriate credit. While we may give Him credit for the bad, let’s more over give Him credit for the good.

iPray: Father, because I’m connected to You, I know that today you have some wonderful things prepared for me. I can’t wait to see what you have planned. I know You’re up to something great in my life! Thank you Lord that You have made plans to do something wonderful for me today.

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