Impacting Every Part of My Life

Here’s a next-level idea. Whatever practices you choose to live by, then live by them, but have practices and principles that you can follow. It’s called discipline.

“Since we are living by the Spirit [that which makes us unlike anyone else], let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives [making every part uncommon].” –

“Since we are living by the Spirit”

This statement implies that the subject to whom it’s directed are believers, people who live by God’s spirit. This is important to note because it’s not for everyone. It’s for those who live an uncommon life; those who’s chosen a “next-level” lifestyle. It’s not for regular people; think about this for just a moment.  

Now for “the Spirit”. Don’t tense up when you hear this word “Spirit.” (Going left on this one.) It would be hard to be a Christian and not live by His Spirit. How in the world can you accept Jesus Christ, but not His Spirit?  You can’t. It’s funny that you can have a christian who doesn’t have God’s Spirit. What’s worse is a Christian who doesn’t want His Spirit. How can that be? It’s time for a Christianity check.

God’s Spirit is simply the help He sent you to be extraordinary.  It’s His way of making you better than you were without Him. Let’s move on.

“let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.”

At any rate, because you have His Spirit, you should be listening for His Spirit’s help in your life, your work, your spiritual quests, your interactions, and your relationships. Every area of your life.  

Here’s what the impact of ordinary living has done. It causes those who should be, but don’t live by the Spirit, followers of Jesus to turn from following the direction the Spirit leads them. Ordinary living infects and causes decay in every area of a person’s existence. Popular culture has a way to turn us from living an uncommon lifestyle in our home, our personal lives, on our jobs, in our careers, in society, with our families and in our relationships. Where we were meant to shine (all areas), we no longer shine. Where we’re meant to lead (all areas), we no longer lead.  Where we’re meant to excel (all areas), we no longer excel. Get the picture.

With that said, let’s do what Paul’s instructing us, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives. Let us become next-level people in how we do every aspect of life. 

iPray: Lord, this is going to take some next-leveling thinking. If I have this correct, it means because I live by Your Spirit, I should allow Your Spirit to direct me in every area of my life. I need Your help with this one because it’s extremely uncommon. Help me to follow your Spirit’s direction for making me uncommon in every area of my life. Place me in the midst of people who are actually walking this out, so that I can become the next-level person you want me to be in Jesus’ name.

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