Why We Created NoLongerCommon.com – Part 1

There have been so many questions about No-Longer-Common that I finally realized that it’s about time I answered them.

Why did we go through all this effort to build such a website? Why all this focus on defining the difference between what’s normal and what we’re calling “no-longer-common” in today’s world?

pabloThere are a couple of reasons why we felt that a website like NoLongerCommon.com is a necessity today.

One of which is people have put leaders in a class of their own…and then there’s everyone else.

For example, Michael Jordan has always been seen as a basketball legend, a leader in his field. True, he has definitely done amazing things when he was actively playing the sport. When you think about it though, he was just like every other basketball player, striving to do his best in levels that no one else had reached. He didn’t have superpowers or supernatural skills that made him one of a kind, but because he lived, ate, and breathed basketball, he turned into someone who was in a class of his own.

Now if anybody else tried as much as Michael did and pushed themselves just as hard, they would probably have had similar results. Michael is not different in the sense that he’s a human being just like you and me; but he did things that were not common to normal people. He had a mindset that took him out of the mold. This is the same mindset that people should have if they want to have an extraordinary life, a life that has so much more to offer. This is the mindset that we want people to adopt, and this is why No-Longer-Common now exists.

Everyone was created to be extraordinary.

We believe that people can be extraordinary in their own ways. All they need to do is explore options that other people don’t.

Why do people fail to do these extraordinary things? A few possibilities are:

They don’t know they can.
They don’t know what to do.
They don’t focus on the things that need to be done to make them extraordinary.

No-Longer-Common was created to allow people like you to see and do… the things that aren’t ordinarily seen and done.

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