Why We Created NoLongerCommon.com – Part 2

Last week, we shared one of the reasons NoLongerCommon.com was created. This week, we would like to share another.

The Second Reason: Ordinary people are sometimes taken advantage of by people and sadly, the church.

Unfortunately, sometimes people want others to stay ordinary even inside a lot of churches. Having observed the ways of so many churches for decades, I have seen them spoon feed people with a piece of information at a time, always willing them to come back for more. Ordinary people are kept at a level where they may not be equipped enough to enjoy and experience Christian life on their own; this is especially true of new converts, new followers, or new believers. They are not given enough information to blossom into the Christians they are created to be.

pabloImagine participating in church services for years and years and not really knowing the fundamentals. We know some people who have been going to their own churches far longer than anybody else in their congregation, but are still unable to pray for the people around them or even themselves. They have very little faith in what they as Christians can do and don’t always get to experience the completeness and empowerment that a walk with Christ allows.

No-longer-common exposes you to the things no one has told you before.

It exposes believers to the things that maybe no one else has shared. Instead of being normal and doing what everyone else is expected to do, we want people to see that they can have extraordinary experiences if only they know what to do.

We want to share information with people – information that they may not have been given. We want to help people step beyond the state of being ordinary. We want everyone to realize that God has a greater calling for each and every one of us—in fact His word encourages people to stand out, be unique, be different, be one of a kind, be like no one else, and ultimately, become better people, better than who we are now.

This is why we created No-Longer-Common.

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