What’s the Problem with Thinking You’re from God?

Why Do You Have an Unfair Advantage? Part 1

What’s the Problem with Thinking You’re from God?

A common argument is that we are not from God. There are many reasons that could support this. The biggest is if you’re from God, why can’t you do what God can? Now, I have a second question that’s even more relevant. If you’re not from God then where did you come from? Answering this question may explain why you have the results in life you’re having. Maybe this answer explains why you have an ordinary existence. Have you settled for what non-believing, worldly living, common individuals believe?

Because ordinary people can’t handle nor except the fact that they are a product of God, they surely can’t handle being gods, themselves. You see, naturally speaking, people would love to say I’m just a product of Jesse and Mary Clark. This would make me a “Clark” true enough. However, the Bible has taken time to explain to you and to me that we came from God.

You are the one.

You are from God [given birth from the uncommon One], little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you [making you uncommon] than he who is in the world [the one who wants you to remain “common”]. (1 JOHN 4:4 NASB)

Being a “god” or like God, simply means you’re not like a mere human. You have what I call an unfair advantage. You can do things normal people can’t. You have the power to call things out of Heaven to Earth. You have the power to create something out of nothing. You have the power to restore your broken marriage when others can’t make it one more day. You can take what shouldn’t add up to being enough and make it more than enough. This to me sounds like, God-like characteristics if you ask me. You have an unfair advantage!

Let me explain further. Knowing who you are and whose you are is important to what you are. It defines what you are capable of doing or incapable of doing. If you want to just be a product of your parents, you’re more than welcome to. I’m positive that I’m talking to a group of people who are after becoming more than just the sum total of their parents. The Bible says that you are from God. Period. We think we have no ties to God and thusly have none of His attributes. Just the mere fact that the Bible makes this distinction means that it’s a common misunderstanding that we think we are not from God. That means we think we don’t have at least some of His power. It means we’ve settled for living a life of incapability. I want you to know that you’re not incapable, but capable. You have abilities inside of you that’s never been tried.

I want to encourage you to give your never-before used powers a try. Even if you look like that super hero that I remember from long ago, The Greatest American Hero. He was a super hero who lost his hero instruction manual and had to figure out by trial and error how to use all his super powers. The one thing I can say about him is this, he tried and so should you. Use the power, God has give you to be a No-Longer-Common hero!

The No-Longer-Common Action: What could be possible for you if you stepped out of normal and tried something you’ve never attempted to try before? Leave your response on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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