Be Labeled as the One

What it Takes to be More Than the Rest – Part 4

Takeaway 3: Be labeled as the One

“He was the one…”

You’d be surprised at how many times I passed right by this short phrase and read the entire sentence, “He was the one who prayed to the God of Israel…” Even the message I wrote, “Become a Standout“, I skipped right by these 4 words. What a mistake! These 4 little words sum up the very thing that made Jabez’s prayer successful.

Jabez was labeled as “the one.” The Bible calls Jabez, “the one”. Think of it this way, what if your name was there and the Bible said that you were the one who received an answer from God that no one else in your family received.

You are the one.

Jabez was “the one” who would be the difference.
He was the only one who did what no one else would.

What if “the one” never showed up? Jabez’s family would have never been a partaker of the answered prayer Jazeb received. If you don’t become “the one” what is your family missing out on? What will your children suffer through? How will your marriage improve? What will stop your business from closing it’s doors in this tough economy?

Will you continue to rely on what every other ordinary person relies on? Or will you be “the one”?

Jabez was “the one” who took it upon himself.
He was “the one” who didn’t standby and do nothing.

Our daughter and I have this phrase we use when we hear each other respond to a question with the word, “nothing.” She or I will say what’s a nothing. There’s no such thing as a “nothing”. There’s always a “something”! This leads me into my next statement.

When you decide to take ownership, better yet, responsibility for your circumstances, you will no longer be the victim. Here’s a key I learned from one of my mentors, Michael Hyatt. Regardless of the circumstance there is always something you can do to change the outcome. Nothing is never an option.

Jabez was “the one” who when the others couldn’t, he did!
I say label me, “the one.”

Being no-longer-common means that we’re okay with others labeling us as “the one.”
Let’s begin by saying this aloud…
I’m okay with being “the one” who transforms my home.
I’m okay with being “the one” who transforms my generation.
I’m okay with being “the one” who transforms my community.
I’m okay with being “the one” who transforms my relationship.
I’m okay with being “the one” who transforms my business.
I’m okay with being “the one” who transforms my family!

You can be “the one” and all it takes is your prayer!

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