What is Truth-base?

Having an Uncommon Home, Education, and Personal Life – Part 8

What is Truth-base?

I am going to try my best to explain a concept I call truth-base.  Similar to home-base in the game of baseball, truth-base is the starting point of what you know to be the truth. In short, it’s the basis upon which you’ve settled on what’s true.  For example, as a child everything your parents told you was true.  From the day you were born, they began giving you your basis for what’s true.  It’s not until you learned that something they told you wasn’t true, did you question anything they ever told you.

The “common” truth-base
By default everything you’ve been given by “normal” parents is based on flawed truth.  Actually, you can count on normal people giving you flawed truth. If this is indeed the case, then your truth-base is not as accurate as you think it is!

To be totally honest, what I’m really saying is your truth-base is not true at all. It passed from one set of parents to their children to the next and so forth. Now listen, don’t get upset with me just yet; save your mad for just a moment. Understand, I don’t mind you getting upset, matter of fact I want you to be but upset in a way that drives change to make you an uncommon human-being.

Am I saying your parents lied to you? Well, I am…but to their defense they had no idea and honestly, you didn’t either. This happened because your truth-base and that of your parents was off.  So, an example of what I mean would probably help you right about now. Let’s see, if your parents told you everyone goes to church on Sunday, you would more than likely have a problem with me if I told you church was suppose to be on Saturday.  How do you know going to church on Sunday is the right day of the week? It goes back to truth-base. Most normal people grow up to become like their parents.  Why?  Because they believed their truth-base was true.

The reason I know that normal people have a flawed truth-base is because normal people do the exact same things that other normal people do and more times than not they have the exact same results.

What is Truth-Base

The “uncommon” truth-base
Your truth-base can be so strong that you’ll live in defeat when you could more easily live in victory.  Your truth-base could tell you to work a regular job from 8 to 5, when you could make a bigger impact on your world if you created jobs for yourself.  When you come to grips that what’s been handed down to you by normal people is flawed, what you’ll do is start with what I suggest to the people I coach…a blank sheet of paper.  In other words, start over as if you didn’t know anything and research, try it, find others who’ve done it.

I grew up in a family where men dominated. I had to learn the hard way that this was a flawed truth-base. My wife is my partner, not my servant, nor my maid, nor inferior.  Our strengths and roles may differ in our assignment, but she is my equal partner.

Let me illustrate by asking, have you ever thought that your church is the only church? Have you ever thought, no one else’s church is a real church? I have thought that too and after changing my truth-base, I found out that the family of Christ is like a body. The hand will never be able to understand the foot.

What if your truth-base is wrong?
It sounds like I’m saying that everything you know is wrong. Well, I would rather you think that than not.  If you have this type thinking, you’ll do what the Bible-the truth book-says and that’s to study. The only time a person needs to study is when they don’t know the material.  “Common” people think they already know the material, especially those in church.  The no-longer-common, the uncommon and the exceptional know one thing, the more we know, the more we need to know.  We continually grow and so should you.  Challenge your truth-base.  What’s at stake…the extraordinary you.

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