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Positioned to Make Leaders

What It Takes for You to Become the Difference – Part 3

When you provide people with the ability to go to the next level, they become very interested. Taking someone beyond normal is very attractive. It’s the fuel that energizes movements, organization startups, new inventions, or the latest fads. It’s also what happens when a thirty-thousand-foot prayer is answered. People will simply want to know your story and with that comes the privilege of sharing your story and encouraging others to follow in your footsteps.

When you’re uncommon, it opens the door for others to follow. The most attractive people you know and those you admire are people who are uncommon. Have you noticed that most people, the majority, rarely pay any attention to what’s normal? However, you do look for what everyone else is capable of doing that goes beyond what other normal human-beings can do. You look for that which very few are doing. The uncommon.

Your experience will cause others to rise to higher levels.
You’d be surprised at what an answered thirty-thousand-foot prayer will do for others. Recall that a thirty-thousand-foot prayer is the type of request that takes God’s intervention. It’s like a miracle, starting a company, getting out of dire straits, etc. Because of the size of the request and what it takes to see it come to pass, your answered thirty-thousand-foot prayer will cause others to rise to higher levels. Not only will it produce a leader of you, it will produce other leaders around you.

It’s said and as you will remember from previous posts, Nehemiah became the governor of Jerusalem. What I haven’t shared with you yet is the fact that Nehemiah gave this responsibility to another.,[1] In other words, he found someone who was able to take this leadership position, in this case a political leader was made. When you have a thirty-thousand-foot prayer, you will find out that you can’t do it alone and you will need help. God’s  requests are big and as a result will require you to get help from others. In the midst of those who will help you will emerge a leader. Your prayer will give another person the opportunity to go to the next level. Because you prayed, leaders will be produced. That’s what an uncommon prayer looks like.

You will now attract other leaders to reveal themselves.
I must insert this here. It’s a leadership principle. There is one key ingredient that makes a person a leader and that’s their unique ability. It’s that thing they have that no one else has. When you have thirty-thousand-foot prayer results, you will now attract other leaders, other people who have extraordinary gifts, skills, and talents. Leaders are first unnoticed uncommon people. They’re not given the title of leader until they become a “noticed” uncommon person.

It wasn’t until Nehemiah became the governor that the priest and scholar, Ezra showed up on the scene as a spiritual leader.[2] He wasn’t present in Nehemiah’s life when Nehemiah was a cupbearer. Nor was he present when Nehemiah surveyed the devastated city of Jerusalem. Nor was he there when Nehemiah began the work of rebuilding. This spiritual leader didn’t help assemble the team. Neither did this leader help set the gates in place when the wall was completed. It wasn’t until Nehemiah proved that he was uncommon that an uncommon leader connected with him. You see you’re looking for the best resources, partners, and clients, but they’re not going to show up until you become the best. Next level people attract next level people. When you become a next-level (uncommon, no-longer-common) person, then and only then will you begin to attract other leaders for your cause.

You will inspire other next-level thinkers to join in.
The desire to be a part of something big is contagious. When you’ve accomplished the impossible, everyone will want to be a part of it. From Nehemiah seeing his city in ruins and wanting to do something about it to rebuild the city, the leaders of the surrounding towns returned and took up residence in Jerusalem.[3] So the next-level thinkers began to arrive in the city first. Next-level thinkers, like you, see what’s possible and begin to do what ordinary people think is impossible. In this case, make something out of nothing; a city in ruin to a prosperous city to inhabit.  This all happened because someone decided to pray a thirty-thousand-foot prayer.

Don’t underestimate the power of a God-given, thirty-thousand-foot prayer. That prayer that you’re tempted to give up on is not just your ticket to greatness, but to many of those who are a part of it and those who come in contact with it. The thirty-thousand-foot prayer isn’t just a prayer for a simple answer to a problem, but an advancement in life for many. While you were focused on the small, God was focused on the exceedingly great. While you were thinking small, He was thinking of ways to do exceeding abundantly above anything you could have ever imagined or come up with on your own.[4]

Question: what will be the results of your thirty-thousand-foot prayer?

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