This Unprecedented Event

An Unprecedented Event – Part 1

There are times in our lives that we see disasters coming our way, but we underestimate its effects or the aftermath it brings. There are those times we ignore the obvious and those times where we brace for the impact. What happens when that storm hits and our lives are left changed forever? What happens when that storm is so severe it leaves a scar that stays with us for the rest of our life? We call these “life changing events.” It’s when your life changes so drastically that it never returns to what was once normal. The only answer is to accept a new normal.

[Let’s Talk to God]
(Let’s begin with a conversation with God right off the bat.
This time talk to God like He’s a father who feels your pain.)
I’m going through a tough time right now. My life has forever been altered. Each day I look for my days to return to what they used to be. Weeks have gone by and my memories of what once was are beginning to fade. I long for normal, but it has vanished and I’m afraid it’s so far gone its return is impossible. Father, I don’t want to be stuck here, will You help me figure out what’s next as everything is so unclear and help me restore meaning to my devastated life. I need Your help in Jesus’ name.

In this exercise, we’re going to walk through the most unprecedented storm to ever impact and change the world. In this prayer exercise, we’re going to go on a journey with Noah to figure out how he dealt with his disaster, a pandemic of sorts. 

If you’d like to continue with the next prayer-workout, click this link:
Part 2 – The Feeling of Uncertainty.”

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