There’s More to Living Than Work

Impacting More Than Just Yourself

Part 1 – There’s More to Living Than Work

Have you ever given much thought to how you impact more than just yourself?  Maybe the reason you don’t is because it takes too much to take care of yourself.  That’s what it means to be normal.  We work hard just to keep ourselves afloat.  You spend more time working than anything else.  Ordinary people work hard and long because in our society it’s viewed as the easiest way to take care of one’s self.

20160814 NLC Blog - There’s More to Living Than WorkYou almost find yourself in a bad predicament; we rarely think about anything outside of work.  This has become the norm.  Think about the activities you have outside of work for just a moment.  Can you tell me what these three activities have in common?  Recreation, society and government?

Recreation:  It’s the time you spend not working, but with others you care about.
I call it re-creation.  How are you recreating yourself? Most of us never recreate because we’re too busy working the days away.

Recreate means to create something again.  Give yourself something new to do.  What have you done to recreate your world?  You see, in the beginning as written in the Bible, God created the world, but had to recreate the world when it was devastated.  In our ordinary living, our lives get devastated more often than you’d like. To be uncommon, like God, you need to spend time recreating your world; think about what you want it to look like and create that.

Society: It’s interacting with people in the same geographic location.  What are you doing to contribute to society or are you just one of its reporters.  You know, the person who just spreads the news.  Most people report what’s happening, but never do anything to fix it. Oh, that’s common.  I know people who talk about the tragic events we see and hear about in the news and I often ask the question, what are you going to do about it?  Their response is there’s nothing I can do.  And you know what, they are right, if they are “common”.

[To the left.]  I wish a believer would tell me there’s nothing they can do about something, big or small.  You mean to tell me with the power of Heaven and Earth at your fingertips, you can’t change what? If every time tragedy strikes you do something good, you’ve just changed a bad situation into a good one.  Talk about impacting society!

Government: It’s the rules and people that give our land standards.  By the way, the most common belief is that the government is an entity that has no face or name associated.  Blame it on the government you hear folks say often.  It’s the government’s fault, right?  Ordinary people talk like this.  The uncommon know that the government consist of people who exist in society just like us.  We are it, the government.   Once we have this thinking, we can and will do something “uncommon” about what’s happening in the world around us.  

What do these 3 activities have in common?
Isn’t it strange that these 3 activities are what we live for, but yet we don’t get enough of.  People rarely get the opportunity to participate in either. It’s time we stop letting work dominate our entire existence and start living an uncommon lifestyle that balances work with recreation, society and government.   

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