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A “Holy” You – Part 2

Why this big deal about the Holy Spirit?  

Let me start by saying, you have a lot to learn when you know very little on a subject.  You’re missing out on that one thing that you really desire, to be great. My readers are what I call progressive people; they’re not sitting still.  In fact, most feel as if they are behind and far off target. And I’m afraid I know what the missing piece is.

There To Help You
“And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—”  –

You might be missing out on the help you need.   Not might, you are. Let me take you back, way back.  I was in the second grade when this occurred and it was the turning point for my entire life. The teacher recommended that I should be placed in the special reading class, back then it was called chapter 1 reading. For me this was a big blow, it made me feel inferior, not adequate, not good enough.  Here it was I had to leave the majority of the students because I wasn’t even average when it came to reading.

After day 1, I made up in my mind that I’d never return to the special reading class again.  Somehow, I was able to get my mother to stand behind me in this decision. But before I even tried talking her into it, I did something most people don’t think to do as adults, let alone as a child, I prayed.  At that age, I had no idea that asking God, would invoke the “Holy” spirit, to help a little 2nd grade boy. Nonetheless, prayer worked, I was freed from chapter 1 reading, but I had a challenge ahead of me that would take more than what I alone was capable to produce.  I would need a helper that no one knew about. Unfortunately, you don’t know my entire life store, but if you stick with me you’ll learn more and more as we build a closer relationship. At any rate, from the chapter 1 reading experience, I wasn’t just interested in improving my reading skills.  I asked God to make me the best in the class and from beyond 2nd grade that’s exactly what He helped me do.

Ask for a helper.
What are you missing out on because you’re not asking for the Helper.  You see with this kind of help, He can take you from the back of the pack to the front.  He can take you from being a poor reader to being valedictorian. He can take you to someone who could hardly get through sentences to writing thousands of them.

I didn’t expect to go into some long story about second grade, but it’s okay if this example will show you that help is available.  I didn’t need a tutor or extra time after class. God’s spirit met me right where I was. And if He’ll do that for a second grader who had trouble reading, what will He do for those who are…
Working to start their own business,
Working to repair their broken marriage,
Working to obtain a new career,
Working to impact the world around them,
Working to purchase that home,
Working to start that ministry,
Working to write a book…

What’s the big deal about the “Holy” spirit?  I know what He is capable of making of you, because of what’s made and is making of me.  Holy is not what you think! I can’t wait to see what “holy” you will do next. Let The Spirit help you.

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