The Uncommon Person

Having an Uncommon Home, Education, and Personal Life – Part 3

The Uncommon Person

Your personal life is just that, yours.  It’s your opportunity to be all that you are.  I often say that “your life is a business and it’s your business“.

The Common Person Lacks Direction
Have you ever been persuaded to purchase something that you didn’t have the money to buy just because someone talked you into it?  If so, this is an example of where you didn’t have a plan for your money.

Have you ever allowed someone to take up your entire Saturday?  I mean, you never had intentions on spending your Saturday that way but because you didn’t have a plan, your Saturday was consumed by others’ plans for you.

Have you ever been asked to go somewhere you didn’t want to go or do something you weren’t interesting in doing, but you did because someone else wanted you too?  In that moment you chose the common way. Not your way. “Common” was pushed on you through peer-pressure.

Places where you lack directions or a plan is an area where someone else has an opportunity to take advantage of you.

We allow others to point us in various directions.  We allow others to drive us in ways we don’t really wish to go.  This can be called “peer” pressure.  It’s not often enough, but occasionally I say to my daughter, “where peer-pressure is strong family values are weak and where family values are strong, peer-pressure is weak”.  When you have a direction set, it’s hard for someone to get you to change directions.  Ordinary people don’t have their direction set and this means anyone can get the ordinary person to do whatever they want them to, even if the ordinary person doesn’t want to.

Uncommon Person

Common is a Person Who Has Multiple Lives
They say that a cat has nine lives, but a human only has one.  Well, I sort of disagree. I think people have several lives, they just live them all in one lifetime.  What I’m about to say next, you’re not going to want to agree with, but I’m going to say it anyway.  When you go to church, do you become a different person?  Are you displaying another life?  Maybe not you? Someone you know? Do you know someone who lives another lifestyle away from church?  Oh yes, you do.

I have friends that do this in my presence.  For some reason they see me as a representative of the church and thusly they change to their ‘churchie lifestyle’.  I find it so amazing.  A cat has nothing on a human-being.  We can change lives in a quick moment.

I’ve know individuals who work in a call center environment.  When off the phone they speak one way but as as soon as they get on a call, they transform into one of the most professional employees I’ve ever seen.  They change lives.

I know you’re thinking what’s wrong with that.  Again I say “nothing” if you want to be common.

The uncommon puts to death all the other lives and lives the one that truly matters.  In this way, they have jobs and careers that work with their singular life.  They have churches and friends who accept them for who they are.  They no longer have to put-on.  They get to be themselves.  When was the last time you got to be you?

Why “Common” Relationships Don’t Last
This reminds me and helps me understand why so many relationships never last.  The two people in the relationship have never met… they sometimes wear masks. Being you, that one you that really matters will weed out the people you don’t want nor need in your life.  If you pretend and put on a mask, what it does is give off a false impression that you’re something you’re not;  thusly it attracts the wrong people.  As long as you wear the mask, your relationships are set on a destination for failure.

“Common” is the End of You
When was the last time you got to know yourself?  I have an activity I like to give people who are looking to find their purpose.  This activity involves you writing down 10 things that you’re good at doing and 10 things you’re not good at doing.  I’ve noticed that “common” people struggle the most with this assignment.  They’ve worn the mask for so long they have no idea how to answer the question.  They’ve been living like someone else for so long they’ve forgotten who they are.

Here are some signs that will help you determine if you’ve forgotten who you are:

  • You no longer know which shows you like to watch on television.
  • You no longer know what your favorite restaurant is.
  • You no longer have time for what you once liked to do.
  • You don’t know what you did a year, 2 years, or more ago in your pastime.
  • You no longer plan for yourself.
  • You find it hard to fill the time when you’re alone.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Reversing “Common”
I spend the majority of my time writing on the differences between what is “common” and what is “no-longer-common”. I sometimes forget to help you reverse the “common” patterns.

In order to reverse “common”, you must be willing to look at it for what it is… I have a problem, I’m “common” and I want something different. Next, start surrounding yourself with people who aren’t “normal”.  Lastly, start believing what it means to be uncommon.

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