The Opposite of Love

If the Tower of Love represents the source of where love can be found, then we need to understand what surrounds the tower.  What happens if you don’t enter this fictional tower?  What does life look like without the presence or understanding of how love impacts life?

Hate is love-abuse
If someone were to ask “what’s the opposite of love?”  Your immediate response would be “hate.”  Hate is “commonly” misunderstood as the opposite of love.  Let’s entertain this idea that hate isn’t love’s opposite.  Rather it’s love’s partner and is always paired with love.  Hate in this scenario would then be love-abuse and develops as a result of what you love…being abused.  Hate is created by something that affects the things we love.  Anything or anyone that negatively impacts what we love can yield hate.  Let someone talk about your mamma, the person you love the most, and hate is produced.  Let someone say something about someone you “hate” and what’s produced?  It’s not love for that person.  Love isn’t a byproduct of what you hate.

20170205 NLC Blog - The Opposite of LoveThe Opposite of Love
So what is the opposite of love, if it’s not hate?  The truth is, the opposite of love is selfishness which is seen far more often than hatred.  Love results in giving, so its opposite is selfishness – the absence of giving.

The Results that Come Outside of Love
The problems that we encounter today are not a result of hatred but of selfishness.  The problems and economic challenges faced in government are a result of selfishness, not hate.  Problems in your marriage and relationships are a result of selfishness, not hate.  Problems on your job, in your home, in your life and even in your church are the result of selfishness, not hate.  More often than not, it’s not hate that fuels the disagreements we face; it’s selfishness.  You want it your way or the other party wants it their way – that’s selfishness.

Evaluating Love Against Its Opposite
Replace these selfish acts with love and our motives become like that of Jesus, uncommon, who placed others before Himself – now that’s love.  To demonstrate love is to put others first by exchanging selfishness for selflessness.

“For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.”

Therefore instead of being selfish and bringing disorder and all kinds of evil acts into your normal life, you by showing love, bring order and all kinds of good acts into your uncommon life.

Now let’s bring it back around to the “16 Levels of Love”, what’s prevalent on the outside to the Tower of Love?  Selfishness.  That’s why we see an overabundance of disorder and all kinds of evil acts.  When you visit the Tower of Love, you learn to shed light on selfish situations and bring order and all kinds of good acts into your life and those you are in relationships with.

Think of the last time you got into it with someone , evaluate whether it was the result of their selfishness or yours?  Leave me a comment.

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