The Holy One – Part 1

Two Reasons Why The Holy One is Touchable

Now that we’ve found out that “holy” is not what we think, who then is The “Holy” One?  Or better yet what is a “Holy” one?

Before we can answer this question, let’s focus on what “normal” has done to our thinking.  It’s given us some “stinking” thinking regarding its meaning. Any time we place “holy” in front of a word, we automatically assume that word becomes “untouchable”.  “Holy” ground becomes ground that’s untouchable or ground that you should stay clear of. “Holy” place becomes a place reserved for designated people and not regular people.  So by saying “Holy” One we immediately think He’s untouchable. He’s out of our reach. This is what I mean by “stinking” (ordinary) thinking. For this reason normal, ordinary, people think The Holy One is untouchable and it’s just not true.

While I would certainly love to say that “normal” people can not be in the presence of “The Holy One”, I can’t.  There are too many times where an ordinary person has come into contact with The Holy One. The one thing that I can and will say is this…any one who comes in contact with The Holy One won’t ever leave the same.  They won’t continue to be the same ole ordinary person. They become something else.

Let me provide two reasons why this untouchable myth is just a myth and should be abandoned.

He [The Holy One] invites you in.

The Holy One wants you to get so close that you can not only see but taste Him.

“Taste and see that the Lord [The Holy One] is good.” –

In order to taste something you have to be very close.  You can’t get a taste without being close. You’re invited to not only see from a distance The One thought to be untouchable, but also taste Him to see if He’s good.  If ordinary, normal, people are afraid to reach out and touch The Holy One, that’s the only indicator that we really need to know that He isn’t untouchable. Don’t be ordinary, but uncommon, don’t limit your thinking.  Reach for The Holy One. Don’t go with what the crowd thinks.

It was popular thinking that the earth was flat and it was uncommon thinking that said it wasn’t.  In the same way, it’s normal thinking that says God is unreachable and it’s uncommon thinking that says if I get close to Him, He’ll show me how good He really is.

He [The Holy One] wants you to come close.

The Holy One is unique in that He’s not simply waiting on you to reach His location, but as you move towards Him He moves towards you.

“Come close to God [The Holy One], and God [The Holy One] will come close to you.” –

In this way, God doesn’t even satisfy our popular thoughts of how a god acts.  Just think about approaching a “normal” god. Yes, let’s put it out there; what we think a god is like from a normal, general perspective.  You’d have to get approval, then access, and finally travel to the place where a “normal” god would like to meet. This is not the case with The “Holy” One.  He’s “holy” in that He is not like the ordinary, typical acting gods. In fact, there’s none who come close to being like Him; that’s “holy”. When you begin to make the journey to be in His presence, He gets off the throne (so to speak) and makes His way towards you.   What kind of god would do that? One that’s not normal. The One who is “Holy”!

Holy is not what you think!  Therefore The Holy One isn’t either.

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