Eve – The First Mother

What Can We Learn from Eve, The First Mother?

A Mother is a Special Woman – Part 1

Before I begin, there are some things that can go without saying, but if they are never said how are those behind us and those who’ve never heard these things going to hear them?
The Bible says “faith comes by hearing…”. How then can I have faith to be a mother without ever having heard about a mother? Notice what the Bible doesn’t say, faith comes by seeing.  The reason being is, faith is based on the things that are not seen.
One of the things that goes without saying is… a mother is a special woman. A man can and will never be a mother. You know what’s interesting about this thought that can go unsaid, a woman can be a mother even if she’s not a child’s birth-mother.  So if you will indulge me, let’s discuss three other thoughts from the life of Eve, the first woman and mother, that go unsaid, but won’t hurt if we say them.

A few things we know about Eve as a woman.

  1. Eve was special from the moment she was created and she brought excitement to her husband.
  2. Eve was the first woman to ever live.
  3. Eve is known as the 1st woman to be called “wife” and bearer of children.
  4. Eve was the only perfect woman to exist.

This list can go on and on…
But I’d like to take a look at the few verses of scripture that mention Eve directly and what they reveal about her greatness and why your mother too is great.

Childbirth is painful, but it must be worth the pain.
“Then he [God] said to the woman, “I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth…”” – bible.com/116/gen.3.16.nlt

Childbirth is an uncommon act given to Eve that Adam could not do on his own.
We all know the story of Adam and Eve and far too often we overlook many of the historical account details.  Regardless of why, giving birth to another human-being is painful. It’s an experience that a man would think twice about, but a woman who is unlike a man does it over and over again.  You must admit (at least every man) that’s not normal. For a person to willingly endure pain and even desire to have children knowing they must face it, that’s uncommon. Thank God for creating woman to be our mothers.

Not only do mothers have to endure the child-birth pains, but also the pain of raising them.

“…while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother, Abel, and killed him.” – bible.com/116/gen.4.8.nlt

Can you imagine the pain this must have caused Eve?  Only a mother can understand and even endure such pain.  You’ve put all your life into a child and they end up doing some bad stuff, yet you still remain their mother.  Now that’s some uncommon character.

A mother is a giver of life.
A real mother gives “life” not just birth.  Anything you place in a mother’s hand will be given “life.”

“Then the man—Adam—named his wife Eve [which means “to give life”], because she would be the mother of all who live.” ‭‭- ‬bible.com/116/gen.3.20.nlt

Eve’s very name means “to give life”.  She is the mother of all. Can you image what having that title must feel like?  For the mother’s sure you do, you’re responsible to those whom you’ve given “life” even when no one else takes responsibility.

Mother’s produce the very thing God made.
“Eve became pregnant. When she gave birth to Cain, she said, “With the Lord’s help, I have produced a man!”” – bible.com/116/gen.4.1.nlt

A mother as it says “with the Lord’s help” can produce the very thing that God made, a man.  In other words, God has given all mothers the ability to produce what He created.

You’re a mother and that means you have a role that requires you to be uncommon.  You do what no one else in your family can do. You’re like Eve, one who can endure pain, one who gives life to all, and one who can produce what God, Himself created.

Happy Mothers!

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