A Friend Who Will Raise The Dead

How My Friend’s Super Power Taught Me To Go Out On A Limb?

I Call Them eXtra-men – Part 2

How would you react if one of your closest friends had super-powers? Would you be afraid of them or would you be excited for them? Maybe you’d be envious or jealous?

People who encounter super-heroes will have mixed opinions, so at least that’s how it goes in movies. Today I’m going to tell you about one of my friends who has super-powers.  Maybe we should call them “holy” powers. Hmmm, I don’t know. He has some abilities that I don’t have which led me to make one of two decisions. Would I be jealous (frightened) or would I encourage (embrace) the gift my friend possesses?  What would you do?

“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you.” – bible.com/116/rom.12.6.nlt

The gifts God has given us

Before I describe my super-friend, I have two points that must be made.

    1. Everyone has a gift.  You see, God has given each of us a different (unique) gift, skill, talent we do well that someone else (our friends) is able to do well.  You must look for it and even encourage the person to use theirs even if they don’t see it themselves; that’s what a friend does. This is how one does what uncommon people do.
    2. Don’t be afraid of other’s gifts.  So since, He has given us all gifts, there’s nothing you can do about the gift someone else has.  What you can do is don’t feel bad that their gift isn’t yours. Look at their gift as a gift to you from God.  They have something you don’t and since they are apart of your life, now you do.

Now it’s time for me to tell you about my super-friend and what his super-powers have done for me.

Learning to use my creative abilities and step out on a limb.

This first guy is the kind of guy that took me a minute to understand.  He’s very creative. Have you ever met that creative person, if you’re not creative, you know these types are weird.  They will attempt to do things you can’t imagine ever doing. This friend, let’s just call him, Sam. He and I have been friends for over 2 decades.  He and I have certainly done life together and experienced life’s ups and downs, if you know what I mean.

What Sam gives me is the courage to use my creative skills.  More importantly, Sam has incredible [or is it credible] faith.  He will not only climb the tree; he’ll be the first to go out on the limb.  Even after he has fallen, he still takes the leap of faith without any nets.  

Together, we’ve done some uncommon things.  We’ve had the privilege of baptizing believers.  We ran an audio-visual ministry together. We were known to tag-team in prayer and, oh boy, if you think I can pray, Sam can definitely out pray me.  Last thing about Sam, or I will be writing all day; I need to tell you what happens when you mix prayer with Sam’s creative powers.

Sam once talked me into attempting to raise the dead.  True story. Yes, you read that correctly…while our attempt wasn’t what God wanted at the time, he, Sam had enough faith to go into the room, lay hands, and give it his best to use his super-power to raise someone we loved dearly from the dead.  That’s what an uncommon person with super-powers will do. X-man? Indeed; an eXtra-ordinary man. I call Sam, The Creative!

Until next week, share this message with as many of your friends as you can.  I can’t wait to share my next eXtra-man with you.

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