The Uncommon Solution to the Plots Working Against You

Four Steps to Make When Someone Is Out To Stop Your Progress

Giving Your Prayer the Defense It Needs – Part 5

Quickly identify the plots forming against you. 

Let me be the one, even if I’m the only one, that’s hated for going after my dream. That’s a statement you should say to yourself when looking in the mirror as you prepare for your day. Therefore, you must be on the lookout for the plots forming against you going after such a dream, a mission, a goal, a thirty-thousand-foot prayer.

There are people who wish you’d just quit and give up, but you can’t. Open your eyes and see those who are trying to derail you. When you hear that voice questioning what you’re doing, those voices with evil intentions, you need to be prepared for it. You need to see the threats that are out there trying to stop your progress. Listen, “normal” is like a plague, it tries to find a way into your life, your world, so that it can turn your life upside down. That’s normal, but we’re not talking about how to be normal, we’re talking about how to be exceptional. Change normal into exceptional. Be on the lookout.

What “great” work have you started?
I was around sixteen when I heard these words of the prophet Nehemiah, “I am doing a great work and I can not come down.”1 My dad said these words to me as he gave me instructions on what we were about to implement in our church organization. He had it in his mind to establish a group of men and women who were dedicated to seeing to the needs of the church, specifically the spiritual leader. As he taught me about his vision, he made this statement the motto. With it, we created a training manual to use to teach and train those who volunteered for such an assignment. My dad started a great work, a big dream, a significant project, a thirty-thousand-foot prayer.

Anytime you’re focused on your work, there will arise a plot to stop you.
In another translation, that Nehemiah quote says this “I am engaged in a great work, so I can’t come. Why should I stop working to come and meet with you?” There will be times in our lives where we must know when we must place all our efforts in the work we’re called to do. Let’s relate this to the thirty-thousand-foot prayer. 

I can only imagine the prayer my dad prayed that led him to starting this group within our church. When you have a big dream to accomplish, you need something to remind you that you can’t just come down from it at every whelm and distraction that comes your way. What my dad was attempting wasn’t going to be easy. Have you ever tried to rally a group of volunteers to give their life in service to another or to an organization? What about trying to change a church organization? And what about maintaining such a commitment for any length of time?

Your prayer, your goals, your dream is no different. It will take the dedication and commitment that Nehemiah held. Keep in mind, Nehemiah’s prayer was under attack and he knew that a plot against him had been formed. 

What to do when others are holding you back from becoming extraordinary?
This is my favorite part. What are you to do when others are trying their best to hold you back from becoming extraordinary?

1) Remember the goal.
It’s easy to lose sight of the goal and your thirty-thousand-foot prayer. I understand that…
– you can’t build your dream home in a matter of days,
– you can’t obtain a promotion on the job overnight,
– you can’t start your non-profit charity by next weekend,
– you can’t promote the needed awareness in your community in an hour,
– you can’t restore the broken relationship within the next month. 

The tasks are too big, require a lot of time, and require dedication.

2) Stay focused on the work.
When your destination is worth it and is in the far distance, you’ll have to do whatever it takes to stay focused. You have to keep the destination before your eyes. When you lose sight, you’ll lose your way. You’ll come down off that wall. Therefore, key your eyes on the prize. 

3) Pay attention to your progress.
Your progress is the indicator that you’re moving and getting closer. Stop for a minute and look back at your wall, your dream, your thirty-thousand-foot prayer, and see how far you’ve come. See the distance you’ve covered. See how much you’ve accomplished. Seeing your progress will renew your resolve to continue to move forward.

4) See what you have left.
Lastly, take a look ahead and see what you have left to accomplish. You are not done yet. As long as you are not done yet, you can not go out and play. You can not stop. You can not come off of the wall. The race is not finished until you get across the finish line. Are you willing to allow someone not in the race to keep you from winning yours? I don’t think so. Listen to this, you are uncommon. Allowing someone not in the race to take you out of the race sounds like something a common person would do. Keep your eyes on the finish line. You are almost there and you are certainly further along than when you start. 

You’re in a race. A race is something that takes time, energy, and endurance. Are you going to stay in the race or will you allow someone to take you out of the race? Can you remember you have a goal? Can you stay focused on the destination? Can you see how far you have come? Can you see how close you’ve come to the finish line? Let’s not allow people who don’t have goals, dreams, prayers, we have to take us off the wall.  

Question: Can you identify the plot to take you off course and what’s trying to get you to stop gaining ground?

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Reference #1: Nehemiah 6:2-3 NLT,, accessed October 15, 2020,

All Scripture references used by permission, see our Scripture copyrights.

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