Ordinary was Never Enough to Begin With

What it Means to Be No longer Common? Part 5

Ordinary was Never Enough to Begin With

Coming up with a website tagline or subtitle for a book can be quite challenging.  After several drafts and options, you end up selecting the one that seems best for the project.  But what happens to the rest?  It’s not like they’re no good.  They’re just not the best for the project.

“When Ordinary is No Longer Enough” is the tagline my team selected for our website, NoLongerCommon.com.  The truth is…there was a close runner up.  It could have easily been the tagline.  Here’s the phrase: “Ordinary was Never Enough to Begin With.”  When you’re convinced that being ordinary or even normal is okay, you have been fed a lie.  There is no where you can go where “ordinary” is enough.  Say it with me, ordinary is just plain ole ordinary.  There is nothing special about being “ordinary”.

Just think about it for a minute.
What’s special about an average student? Nothing.
What’s unique about an ordinary business owner? Nothing.
What’s so attractive about an ordinary car? Nothing.
What’s so good about a normal dinner? Nothing.
What’s so important about a mediocre job? Nothing.

20160131 Ordinary was Never Enough to Begin With

Having an Uncommon Home, Education, and Personal Life

“Ordinary” says that your home, personal life and educational accomplishments should be like everyone else’s.  When your home follows the normal patterns of others, it’s “ordinary”.  When your personal life reflects what you see in others around you, you’re “ordinary”.  When you follow public standards when pursuing your education, you’re “ordinary”.  I say you can have more, an uncommon, unlike anyone else home, personal life and educational pursuits. Ordinary was never enough to begin with.

Unconventional Work Habits, Business Ethics, and Career Building

“Common” says work, business and your career will following a “normal” pattern.  If you have work habits like everyone else, that’s not good.  Work habits of normal people aren’t the same as work habits for successful employees.  Having a standard career is “common” and doesn’t stand out.  To have more, you must become more.  I say that you can achieve uncommon work habits, business ethics and a career that stands out.  Ordinary was never enough to begin with.

Not Like Anyone Else

“Normal” says you’ll be a regular church member and make religion commonplace.  When you make going to church routine or an event, you’re like most-normal.  Being no-longer-common is when you stop going to church and you become The Church.  When you become no-longer-common, you become a unique individual with abilities to do what ordinary people are unable to do.  I say you were meant to be unlike anyone else. Ordinary was never enough to begin with.

Impacting More Than Just Yourself

“Average” says you’ll recreate like ordinary people, live in society like an average person and accept what government throws at you like normal people. I say you were made to impact more than just yourself. Ordinary was never enough to begin with.

Loved Like No Other

“Mediocre” says your relationships will end up like all the rest and your family is just as mixed up as any other.  When your ordinary relationship is no longer enough for you, you’ll understand what it means when I say ordinary was never enough in the first.  I say you can and deserve to be “loved” like no other.

It’s our goal to expose you to what it would be like if you made just one step beyond your normal existence.

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