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Some Next Level Spiritual Ways to Fight

This Is Not Spiritual Warfare – Part 3

One of the main reasons people misunderstand and have questions around spiritual warfare is because most (51% or more) don’t understand spiritual things. We have spiritual warfare segmented out into this compartment or area that many try to avoid. The truth is, no one can avoid the battles we face spiritually. Allow me to explain what I mean. Elihu, who was the young friend of Job, grew angry with the counsel Job’s other friends had given him. Out of respect for the older guys, Elihu kept his thoughts to himself until he was unable to keep quiet any longer. As Elihu spoke, a phrase caught my attention. I’m not certain if he was trying to explain spiritual things or not, but he did. He said these words, “there is a spirit within people, the very breathe of God which give people understanding.” [1]  In other words, there is a spirit within each of us that gives us the ability to have intelligence, the ability to have thoughts. It’s our spirit that makes us think. Think about that. That means the ability to think is a result of the spirit that’s within us. If this is the case and it is, then we’re more spiritual than we are not. 

I’d like to share four examples to help us go beyond our current knowledge of spiritual warfare. Because of the label we’ve placed on spiritual warfare, we are missing out on these forms of spiritual warfare.

  1. Our actions are a product of what’s in our spirit.
    In order to change many of the unwanted spiritual results we’ve been having, we have not considered that our actions are a product of what’s in our spirit. For example, many believers believe that their marriages are under spiritual attack. If the truth is told, it isn’t a demonic attack that’s produced such results. It’s the seeds that have been sown from the way you’ve been thinking that’s produced the unwanted results you’re having. I’m not saying that your marriage can’t be under spiritual attack. What I am saying is more than likely they are not being attacked the way we’ve been led to believe. Did I say this was next level prayer?
    I was coaching a younger guy who believed with his whole heart (spirit) that his wife was the problem. After I got finished with him and informed him that he was the problem, he came to the realization that his attitude (spirit) was the problem. His response (spirit) was the problem. His lack of taking responsibility (spirit) was the problem. He and his wife were seeing a counselor, but it was not this counsel that turned everything around. In fact, it was me planting a spiritual seed using my words that produced some spiritual results. That’s spiritual warfare.

  2. Your words are the spiritual weapons.
    Our words are the spiritual weapons we’ve been using against ourselves. Listen to this. Words are the most powerful spiritual agents that we have. In fact, it’s our words that have created the mess we have been living in and it’s our words (spirit) that will get us out. Our words bring Heaven to Earth. They bring the unseen into the seen. That’s spiritual. When we speak to mountains and the mountain moves [2], that’s spiritual. When we call dead, dying, decaying things back to life [3] that’s spiritual warfare. We’ve been limiting what it means to fight spiritually. When we speak those things that are not as if they are [4], that’s when we’re doing some spiritual warfare. The Bible said that it was the Word that was in the beginning, that created all that exists to us. [5] That’s spiritual.

  3. Become one spirit with God.
    We must align our spirit with God. [6] That means we must do the only thing we know how to do to connect with God, which is to read our Bibles and pray. How can you fight and have success spiritually if you’re not one with God’s spirit? This stuff sounds simple when you think about it. Whether it’s simple or not, I know it’s not common. This is next level. The point I’d like to make here is simply this. Stop trying to separate out spiritual things from everyday things. Everything is spiritual. We are always in a spiritual fight and that fight starts in our minds.

  4. God may want you in this spiritual battle.
    Let me say this before I tell you a story. I’ve never heard it told this way, so keep this in mind. In thinking about spiritual warfare, we would all agree that what happened to Job was an attack of the enemy, the devil. If we were under such an attack, we’d probably consider doing some spiritual warfare and that would be justifiable. However, knowing the entire story of Job, the devil who is an angel (spiritual) had a meeting God (spirit) about Job. I believe God wanted to show out a little and He knew Job was the one who could. In fact, in this spiritual battle, Job never  gave the devil his attention, but rather gave God all the credit. Job said these famous words, “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” [7]  He never gave the devil credit for it. Job fought his spiritual battle from a one-with-God’s-spirit angle and not from a one-with-the-devil-has-done angle. This next level spiritual warfare.

Taking our example from Job is what led me to give our spiritual fight a new name.

We will get more into this in the next install, but Job opened the door to what I call offensive and defensive prayer. He made certain the focus and the attention stayed with being one with God’s spirit. If we’re going to take prayer to the next level, then we need to follow some next level examples like that of Job. This is next level prayer!

Question: are you ready to move on from spiritual warfare to the next level in prayer?

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All Scripture references used by permission, see our Scripture copyrights.

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