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Components of Offensive Prayer

This is Offensive and Defensive Prayer – Part 2

One of the main premises for Next Level Prayer is to take what we already know to the next level. It’s not our goal to provide new information, but rather take the old information and knowledge that we have to the next level. One of my favorite verses of the Bible sums it up this way. If any man is in Christ [connections with Jesus, becomes a disciple or student of His] this person is a new creation. Where the old fades away and something new emerges. [1] This should be a constant in the minds, actions, and efforts of people of faith. It’s called growth. Now what does that have to do with “spiritual warfare,” specifically offensive and defensive prayer?

Armed for Offensive Prayer
As it goes in any sport, the players must have the correct gear and tools to play the sport. The better you get the better your equipment is and the uniforms. When you reach the professional level, you put off the old amateur equipment and replace it with some new equipment. When we were kids, we’d play all types of sports in the backyard with little equipment and mostly without the proper equipment. While this is good for playing in the backyard, it doesn’t work well when you begin organized sports in grade school and beyond. The fact remains you’ve gone to the next level and the next level requires more. You’ve heard it said that “when I was a child [an amateur] I spoke as a child and behaved as a child [amateur], but when I became an adult [professional] I put away the childish [amateur-like] things. [2]

When it comes to the offensive plays in prayer, have you suited up with better gear, better equipment, and a better uniform? Many times, the enemy and those you come against will back down by just your appearance. Being prepared to be your best can intimidate. How are you dressing out for prayer? The Bible says put on all the armor that God has for you. [3] He doesn’t force you to, but if you want to go to the next level, you need to get dressed like you belong in the next level. When you’re dressed appropriately, your feelings follow. You take on the attitude of a professional athlete. Do you have the attitude of a professional pray-er? This is “offensive prayer.”

My Offensive Position in Prayer
We all have been given a position in the family of faith. We are a part of the body or team of Christ. [4] As a member of the team, not only must we know our position, but must get good at it. What’s your position? You see an amateur doesn’t know their proper spot or position on the team. An amateur might be playing quarterback when they would better serve the team at wide-receiver. What gift do you have and how are you using your gift when you pray? When you pray, we should hear your gift come out because you can never separate the athlete from his or her gift. Since we all have gifts and each gift is important to the success of the team, then when we’re not using ours, specifically in prayer, then we’re not putting the team in the best possible situation to win. If you have a gift to be generous, then you’re the better athlete to pray about being generous. If you’re gifted in technology, then your prayers will be dominated by technical ideas and concepts that push the team forward in this area. If you’re a gifted teacher, then you know how to pray for other teachers. This is “offensive prayer.”

The Act of Praying Offensively
Some of us, believers, have a bad habit of waiting until the enemy pursues us before we pray. That’s called reactive. That’s not “offense.” Offensive prayer says that I’m going to pursue my enemy before my enemy has a chance to pursue me. When you’re the best at what you do, no opponent intimidates you. You intimidate the opponent. This is “offensive prayer.” In other words, don’t wait for the devil to do what he does, but rather be proactive. Do what you do, pray. I’ve heard it said this way. “Go after the devil. Pursue your enemy.” Pursue your opponent. Be an offensive athlete.

Before thinking that your fight is always against the enemy, many of our battles or oppositions come from other places. Jesus said it this way, in this world we will have troubles. [5] Therefore, the world throws things our way that the devil doesn’t have to. When we pray proactively or offensively, we pray over the natural troubles, problems, and situations that life throws at us. This is “offensive prayer.”

When you take the field and run an offensive prayer play, the goal is to move forward, down the field to put you and your team in a position to score. Offensive means you’re holding the ball. When you pray, what balls are you holding that need to be advanced down the field? What business venture? What product idea? What educational pursuit? What family dream? What financial opportunity is in your grasp that needs to be advanced down the field?

Paul, one of the first Christian church planters, made a request of one of his church-plants to pray an offensive prayer. He said, “Pray that the Lord’s message will spread rapidly and be honored wherever it goes.” [6] That’s offensive prayer. Pray for advancements. It’s time to take prayer to the next level. Let’s begin praying more offensive prayers that will have our enemy scrambling to keep us from scoring.

Question: when was the last time you advanced something in prayer?

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