Navigating the Interferences of Prayer

Identifying and Overcoming Non-Mechanical Interferences to Prayer

Dealing With Prayer Interferences – Part 2

In the previous message, we discuss the mechanics of prayer and how interferences impede our ability to pray. There are nine non-mechanical interferences that will make sure you never get the results you desire, and the results that often happen for people who pray. 

Pray interferences are like interferences in football, when a flag is thrown on the field of play for that player who interferes with a receiver catching the ball. When the interference call is flagged, a penalty is incurred. The same is true in prayer, interference is like being penalized when you’re progressing down the field. The best way to see what I mean by this is to simply begin describing these interferences.

  1. Distractions (Noise or Pollution)
    Learn to stop the distractions.
    This is a different type of distraction than what we previously mentioned. Jesus once taught a principle of how God’s word is imparted into the life of people. In His message, He warned of how such a message could easily get crowded out. Worry, stress, the lure of wealth, and desire for things could interfere with your ability to produce results. [1] Using another example Martha aloud the busyness of her day to distract her from being in the presence of God. [2] Last example. Peter allowed the storm and weather to distract him to such a degree that he took His eye off of Jesus during his amazing adventure of walking on the water. [3] The uncommon are masters in reducing the noise-producing distractions that life can bring. What’s distracting you from achieving better results when it comes to prayer? How can you eliminate what’s distracting you?

  2. Your Words
    Be specific and intentional about the words you use.
    Your words can interfere with the results you get. The children of Israel were once complaining about their situation in the wilderness. God heard their complaints. By the way, God hears your complaints. As a result, He denied anyone over the age of 20 access to the land they were promised. [4]  Here it is, God guaranteed them new territory, a new land, and because they were complaining their access to what was promised by God was denied. Complaining is what normal people do because normal people are the only people okay with having the results that complaining produces. What have you been praying for, but your access has been denied because you were complaining? A next-level person understands that everything is a result of words and therefore are very intentional with theirs. What words are you using that might be hindering your prayer?

  3. Wrong Reason for Prayer (Pride and Selfishness)
    Make sure you have the right motives.
    Your motives can change everything. With wrong motives you can shut the doors to results. [5] Many times we wonder why we don’t get the answers we desire or get what we request. We fail to consider our motives. When we ask God it needs to be in alignment with Him. [6]  In other words, what would God have me pray? The average person doesn’t know that one’s selfish acts is another way of saying to someone else that I don’t love you. Our best results require an act of love (God) and not its opposite, selfishness.  What would God have me ask of Him? How can you ensure you have the right motives?

  4. Your Relationships (Unforgiveness and Holding Grudges)
    Find the broken relationship and restore it.
    I was once surprised to hear this, but in a marriage when a husband mistreats his wife, that act hinders his prayers. [7] The same happens when a wife mistreats her husband. There’s a requirement in prayer that says, you must first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against. [8] Could it be that you tried to pray without satisfying this requirement first? When approaching God, He wants us clean of all the people-issues we have. [9] In other words, before you continue your approach, you need to fix it with that person where you have a broken relationship. Common is the person who thinks that God doesn’t like the people we don’t like. God loves even that person. What relationship is causing your interference?

  5. Sin
    Get rid of that sin you know you’re committing.
    Most people today don’t want to hear this word, sin. In fact, sin creates barriers whether between you and someone else or between you and God. In either case, sin must be addressed. God has been known not to listen to those who haven’t addressed their sin issue. [10] Sin is one of the few things that can cut you off from God. [11] What the average person doesn’t know is how easy God has made it for us to address the sin issue. Most people will find that their prayers have been ignored simply because they are unwilling to let go of some sin. [12] What sin are you knowingly committing that just might be hindering your  prayers?

  6. Not Following God’s Instructions (Disobedience)
    Take steps of action in what God is saying to you.
    I found these words in the Old Testament. “Saul prayed to God, but God didn’t answer.” [13] Have you ever wondered why God wouldn’t answer you? Maybe you are like King Saul. God gave you some instruction that you haven’t or didn’t follow through on. [To the left.] If I were God, I wouldn’t answer you either. Here it is: I’ve given you specific instructions and you don’t follow through. Why then would I give you more instructions? Ordinary people pray as a way out of taking action, but that’s not how prayer works. In order to take prayer to the next level, one must listen to what God has said and do what He says so that one’s prayers don’t get hindered.

  7. Lack of Compassion for Others
    Pray with compassion.
    Because we are people of faith, God places us in situations where we can show compassion. Therefore we must open our ears to the cries and agony of His people. When we don’t, the result is that God might ignore our cries. [14] In other words, we can’t overlook those to whom we can make a difference. How can we approach God with our request when we ignore the requests of those that we could answer? Uncommon is the person who responds to others in the same way we wish God would respond to us.

  8. Disunity
    Find a way to unify.
    You’ve heard the scripture that most people misquote, that says, “if any two of you agree here on earth…” [15] Most people say “touch and agree.” That’s not what it says, but what’s interesting is this. Jesus said that if you can get someone to agree with you or cosign on your request it will be done. Are you co-signing on requests that you don’t believe in? Is that request you’ve been asked to co-sign worthy of you co-signing? In other words, the average person is making a request that others should not co-sign. We must pray prayers that can qualify for someone else to sign off on. That’s unity.

  9. Putting Something in a Higher Position than God
    Put God first; seek Him first.
    The heart is a funny thing. For one, it’s what we can’t easily see, but God can. We often make requests of Him, but in our hearts we respect, honor, and acknowledge other things with a greater priority than Him. For example, we believe that momma and daddy can get me out, but God can’t. Others believe that if we can just get our income tax check back, our problem will be resolved, as if God can’t solve it. Others of us are trying to find our own solutions, placing our abilities above what God can do. That’s called idolatry by the way; [16] we place something in a higher position than God. If you want to go to the next level in prayer, you must be willing to position God above the circumstances no matter what.

While nine seems like a lot to keep up with and it implies that more exist, I would like to encourage you with this simple thought. Know that there are things trying to keep you off your game, keep you from successful prayer. Therefore, master your game, continually improve in prayer. Lookout for the things that get in your way and put into place the things that make you a better prayer athlete. This is next level prayer.

Question: what other non-mechanical interferences impact your success in prayer?

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