New Year New You

A new year means a new you, right?  Many have tried, but just because the calendar year changes doesn’t mean new things are coming your way, especially a new “you”.  No offense intended.

It’s normal or wishful thinking to go into a new year thinking you can become a different person overnight.  Counting down with the folks in Times Square. Ten. Nine. Eight. We’re seconds away from our new dreams, hopes, and aspirations coming to past.  Three. Two. One. The ball drops and nothing magical happens but a cheer by the same folks who cheered last year this time with the same ambitions.  You see everyone wants to be different, but very few will do what it takes to be different. Even watching that ball drop in Times Square can keep you from being different if you do it the same way year after year.  How many times will the ball drop and you remain the same person?

You can’t be the same person and expect a different person to appear.
You can’t be the same person for a year and expect to be a new person because the calendar changes.  It would be great if we could, like the caterpillar, escape into a cocoon for a moment and come out an entirely new creature.

To do different takes different actions, thinking, and surroundings.  It’s a “threefold cord.” You need to apply these three elements to make a change.  Let’s review them briefly:

  1. Act.  You have to practice different actions.  You need a system to make certain you act and a system so that you don’t revert to old actions.
  2. Think.  Your thoughts can’t remain the same.  You need some influences that can alter your thinking.  Podcasts, books, blogs, YouTube subscriptions, something that drives you to different thoughts.
  3. Surround.  You have to change something about your surroundings.  You can’t remain in the same environment and expect a new you to thrive in the old environment.

Now allow me to offer you this supporting scripture.  Sidenote: a new you might require you learning from resources you’ve not used before, like your Bible.

A new year can mean a new you.
“[A]nyone who belongs to Christ [The Different One] has become a new [uncommon] person. The old [normal] life is gone; a new [never before seen] life has begun!” –

I believe you can become a new you.  You just need the right action, the right thinking, and the right environment.  Any person who subjects themselves to Christ-like thinking, actions, and environments will become a new creation.  The normal person you’ve grown accustomed to will die away and a new you will emerge, just like the caterpillar.

A new year can mean a new you.  What will you do this new year?

Happy New Year / New You from our family to yours!

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