Why Covet Others’ Gift?

This Gift I Have The World Didn’t Give It To Me – Part 3

How are you doing with developing the gifts, skills, and talents you have?  Maybe you’re like most and overlook what you have to offer.

You have two choices as it relates to gifts, talents, and skills: 1) covet what others have or 2) desire & develop the ones you have.  In this web-post, we will discuss these two choices in depth. Let’s get started.

“Let love be your highest goal! But you should also desire [covet] the special abilities the Spirit [who empowers uncommon gifts, talents, skills] gives.” – bible.com/116/1co.14.1.nlt   
The word used for “desire” in the Bible is “covet”.   It means to crave and to yearn for deeply. Many times we do just this when it comes to what others have to offer the world.  Maybe you’d like to be like that famous football quarterback or the olympic runner. Maybe it’s the person in the office who seems to have everyone’s attention with all their contributions.  Maybe you desire to be like that parent who’s involved in all the school functions. Whatever the reason may be, you find yourself craving what you don’t have and/or something you’re not.

The Right Fit
While the majority desire what someone else has, what you should desire is your own gift, talent, or skill.  Which is better, you desiring to be like someone else (common) or you having others to desire to be like you (uncommon)?  

The problem we have in attempting to put on someone else’s gift is that it won’t fit.  

“Then Saul gave David his own armor…
David put it on…to see what it was like, for he had never worn such things before.
“I can’t go in these,” he protested to Saul. “I’m not used to them.” So David took them off again.
[Instead] He picked up five smooth stones…
Then, armed only with his shepherd’s staff and sling [his gear], he started across the valley to fight the Philistine.” – bible.com/116/1sa.17.38-40.nlt

You see, someone else’s gifts, talents, skills, tools, armor just won’t fit.  No matter how badly you desire to be someone else, the desire is not good enough to make you something you’re simply not.  The solution is to get your own. With your own you have a better chance at being great. In fact, it’s the only chance that you will be great.

The Supplied Gift
You have been supplied with a gift, talent, skill of your own.  What you don’t realize is that your gift is as great as the one you desired.  Whether you know this or not, there’s a lot that went into making your gift, skill, or talent to be desired.
  • Your unique environment.  The places that you find yourself are conditions made especially for you to thrive.  You’ve been setup to be great.
  • Your circumstance.  Although more often than not we see ourselves as a victim of our circumstances, this is the normal way to view our situations.  You must learn to see it with an uncommon view point. Your circumstances are the catalyst for you to impact that world.
  • Your talents.  There are talents we’ve been given that we didn’t have to work to obtain.  They come natural to us but not so much for others. This is the tool God’s given you to have an advantage in life.  Use it, develop it, perfect it, and let others covet it.
  • Your choices.  No one on the planet has made the exact same choices you have.  Why? Because you are special, unlike anyone else. You have something no one else can offer the way you can.  I can’t make you do anything with it, but I can help you see that you have it.

We have one simple mission with this web-post and that’s to get you to make the uncommon choice to see your gift, skill, and talent as desirable. The next steps are on you and what you do with it from there.  Don’t sit around and desire what someone else has when you have something that’s equally great (or more). [note note_color=”#E3EAEE” text_color=”#060A09″] [/note]
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