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Praying for a Miracle – Part 1

This won’t shock you to know but most prayer requests are requests for miracles. In other words, common prayers are prayers for miracles. Here’s the challenge. How many times have you seen a miracle given in response to prayer? How many times have you seen a miracle performed when someone prayed? I’ve always been of the attitude that it should not be the norm for a believer to be asking for a miracle, but rather the one who performs miracles. Regardless, most prayer requests are what I call the really big ones and what I call “thirty-thousand-foot prayers.”

Before we get into this new series of messages, I would like to take a moment to outline what you can expect. Let’s start with two questions that will get us started on our journey in “Praying for a Miracle.”

Have you ever prayed for a miracle?
If I were to ask you this question, you would probably say “yes.” Praying for miracles is the most common prayer. However, when you prayed what happened? Did you get an answer? Maybe you did, but more than likely what we have come to find out is that most do not. In fact, more often than not we find that praying for miracles generally ends in disappointing results that we find excuses to make us justify an unanswered prayer. I often ask people if they believe that prayer works and their answer is always yes. However, very few people pray. That makes no sense until you begin to think about the results. Why pray especially for miracles if the odds of an answered prayer is like winning a lottery?

Should you pray for a miracle?
If answered prayer, especially for a miracle, is like hitting the jackpot, then the question is should I pray for a miracle? These two questions are good and to find an answer regarding praying for a miracle, I need to take you on a journey. This journey includes…

  1. Defining a miracle.
    I think it is important to know what a miracle is in order to pray for one. You may not want to be a candidate for a miracle in the first place once we understand what it means and what it is.

  2. Expectations and a few guidelines when praying for miracles.
    Are there any rules I need to know when I pray for a miracle? Could my results be based on more than I thought? What expectations should I have when praying for miracles? There are some questions to answer and things we need to know if we plan to have more success.

  3. Success stories of miracles granted.
    We need to take a look at the success stories we can put our hands on when we consider praying for a miracle. What does it look like when someone prays for a miracle and the prayer is granted?

  4. The Concept of a 30 Thousand Foot Prayer
    There is one thing about life that I know for sure, it will present you with challenges and some of those challenges may seem larger than life itself. When we face a problem of gigantic size, we face what I call a 30-thousand foot prayer opportunity. When circumstances are so great and there is nothing humanly possible available, then we are in the midst of a 30-thousand foot prayer. This is when a miracle is my only hope.

Let me remind you of one important thing. This is next level prayer. The goal is to take you from where you are and help you get to the next level. In this particle set of messages, it is our goal to help us all get to the next level when it comes to miracles. Could it be that we are praying for a miracle when we should be asking to perform miracles? Could it be possible that we have an incomplete understanding of miracles? This and a whole lot more to come in “Praying for a Miracle.” This is next level prayer!

Question: what ideas come to your mind when you think of a miracle?

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