Mark 16:17 What You Don’t Know About Demons Can Hurt You

When you hear the word demon what comes to mind?

I would guess you would think what every normal person does. I think about the most recent horror movie I’ve seen where a person is possessed by an invisible force and maybe their head spends completely around. The white of their eyes turn completely black. Maybe they begin to speak in an unknown or even ancient language. Any and every one that tries to combat the demon either dies or has very little power in confronting the demon.

Do demons like this exist?

Perhaps, but I’ve never encountered one to this extreme. Not to say they can’t exist. Most normal people have never seen such. Remember, movies are dramatizations and to capture your attention will take things to an extreme. So I ask the question another way, what exactly is a demon?

While I might not have every answer on this subject, what I do know is that demons do exist.

These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new languages. (Mark 16:17 NLT)

What are they?

They are no more than members of the devil’s forces and knowing this is key. Demons are subtle and mostly go unnoticed. They prowl around like a lion looking for someone to prey upon. Fortunately for you, in the next few sentences, you will be able to do what is not common, identify them, guard against them, shed your fear of these known, but unknown beings and defeat them.

A demon, just like their father the devil, has three objectives to carry out :

  1. They steal. Anytime something is taken from you; it’s a result of a demon.

  2. They kill. More importantly and besides physical death, mental and emotional death is the offspring of the demonic. Anytime someone kills your dreams and hopes, you can place the blame on a demon.

  3. They destroy. Anytime your life is devastated, you can attribute it to a demon. Demons are out to destroy your home, your finances, your marriage, your relations, and your life. Countries have even been destroyed because of demons.

Thought: common is the person who believes that demons are so powerful they can’t do anything about them.

Now the question, you’ve been waiting for… what can I do now that I know demons exist?

As Christians, we have an advantage, the thing that makes you no-longer-common. That thing is knowing that the power of God is greater than any and all demons.

  1. When demons steal; God restores what was lost.

  2. When demons kill; God resurrects.

  3. When demons destroy; God brings back to life and creates anew.

Because you are not like those who demons can easily prey upon, you have authority over them in Jesus’ name.

Question: What demons can you identify and how did you react to their impact on your life?

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