Level 14 – Love Searches for The Best

The 16 Levels of Love – Part 15

What would your life be like if the people who loved you always saw the best in you?  Wouldn’t that be an uncommon experience?  This is what you can expect from level fourteen of the 16 levels of love.  Level fourteen will give you insight to the kind of love that is always on the search for what’s best.

Love always hopes. It always looks for the best.

In order to understand level 14, we need to examine the word “always”.  We continue to define keys words because it’s so easy for us to miss out on what this word really offers us.

Always: never ending, no end, with repetition, occuring again and again, last forever

If you think about it, there aren’t many things that last forever.  There aren’t many things that a person experiences in life that have no end.  That ends now… love has a characteristic that occurs over and over without ending.  What is?  Level fourteen which is always hopeful and looks for the best.

Level Fourteen Love: Love Has Unending Hope For The Best
On level fourteen, you will find the most inspiration of any floor of the tower of love.  It’s where hope lives and where people can only see the best in you or in other words, the “best” you.

Love always hopes.
If you ever encounter love, it has only the best expectations of you and for you.  You don’t have to worry with the thought that someone expects you to do wrong or have done wrong.  Level fourteen love “always” has the best expectations of you.  Unfortunately, for you to express level fourteen love towards others would mean you can only expect the best out of those you say you love.

Love always looks for the best.
Not only do you give off the best expectations, you search for the best in them.  You don’t get to stop at what’s not good or what’s average.  You look for the best, that which is not bad or average.  You find what makes that person the best.  The same is true for those who love you.  They should not stop looking before they find what’s best in you.  Love says we don’t get to see the imperfect part of those we say we love.  We see the best.  Shouldn’t someone see your best?

How would any of the relationships you have benefit if you saw their best and they saw your best?  And if they always, without ever stopping, saw and expected the best of you?  You experience level fourteen love.  Now that’s worth reading this.  Love has unending hope for the best in you.

Level-fourteen’s Opposite:
It’s time to discuss level-fourteen’s opposites.  What does it look like when someone gives the opposite of level-fourteen love.  Here are a few questions to get you going.

  • Do you expect your spouse or loved one to make mistakes?
  • Do you expect the worse scenarios to occur?
  • Can you count on them to do the wrong thing?
  • Do you remain hopeful when they fall short?
  • Are you their first voice of encourage?
  • Do they feel as if you’re their biggest fan?

As a recipient of love, can you say that for each of the above questions, you feel this way toward that person who says they love you?  Level-fourteen love has unending hope for the best in you.

Having Level-Fourteen Love
Common: Normal people will make it okay to have someone in their life who has very low expectations of them.
I’m sure you know, as I do, people who are in relationships that have very low expectations of each other.  They rarely, never, think the best of their significant other.  What kind of love is this?  Isn’t that the reason for “love”?  So that you can have someone who thinks highly of you?

Uncommon (or No-longer-common): The uncommon find that to have a truly good relationship, built on love, having someone hopeful is vital.
The best feeling in the world is to have a person in your corner.  You can accomplish a whole lot more when you have support.  Love always supports you.  Don’t get that twisted.  When the support leaves, so does the love.

In the 16 levels of love, we aim to show you the indicators of what it means to love and be loved.  Level-fourteen is to show you that love has unending hope for the best in you.

Well, it’s that time.  Say it with me…
Insert your name in this phrase. <Your name> always expects the best.  <Your name> always looks for the best in those I say I love.

Question: What have you learned on this fourteenth level of love?  Share your comments with me below.

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