Level 13 – Love Trusts When Others Do Not

The 16 Levels of Love – Part 14

I like this floor in the Tower of Love.  It’s level thirteen, a floor you won’t find in hotels or buildings in America due to superstition.  This is not the case in the Tower of Love which represent the 16 levels of love. Level 13 may just be one of the most important levels in all of the tower.  Level thirteen shows us that love trusts when others do not.

Love always trusts; trusts God always.

In order to fully understand level 13, we need to define the word “trust”.  We do so, so that we don’t make the mistake of thinking we know something that we really don’t.  That’s what normal people do.  It’s the reason why normal results occur.

Trust: believed reliable, confidence in another to bring results, to give credibility

You have to admit that there are very few people that you trust.  I almost wanted to say “can trust”, but that’s a common statement.  Uncommon people trust.  There is no other way to love.  There is no love without trust.  Level thirteen says you always trust.

Level Thirteen: Love Trusts When Others Do Not
This level, we’ve learned, can be confusing for many, mostly normal people.  It’s normal to have a significant other that you don’t trust but say you love.  In many relationships, individuals go back and forth on the level of trust they have for each other.

Love always trusts.
I bet you’re saying how is this possible?  How can I trust someone who’s done me wrong? Don’t they have to earn my trust?  Let me say this clearly…love always trusts.  Either you love or you don’t.  If you don’t trust that means you don’t love.

Trust God always.
To love is to trust God, not the person.  Always means not just when the going is good.  It means even when it’s not good.  In fact it means when the worst case scenario occurs you still trust God.  When that person does the one thing you can’t tolerate, you still trust God.  It’s what love does; it’s not what the ordinary do.  Trust God always.

On level thirteen, you’ll find that trust doesn’t rest in what can’t be trusted, a normal human-being.  Trust rests in God then you apply that to the person you’re in relationship with.  I trust God therefore I trust you.

Level-thirteen’s Opposite:
Let’s change our focus for a moment and discuss what the opposite of level-thirteen love would look like.  Let’s just see if we give off love’s opposite as opposed to genuine love itself.

  • Do you check your significant others phone records because you lack trust?
  • Do you question the person’s intentions?
  • Are you basing your love on their actions?
  • Is your love something that must be earned?
  • Are the requirements for your love only something you know?
  • Are you relying on others when you should be relying on God?

I know it’s easy to fall for what ordinary people say.  Ideas such as you have to trust someone in order to love them, but that’s just not true.  You can’t trust someone until you love them.  A byproduct of love is to always trust.

Having Level-Thirteen Love
Common: Ordinary people will say they love each other but don’t trust their significant other.
This is indeed an oxymoron.  BTW – here’s something that can help.  Trust doesn’t mean you trust that a person will do right by you, you might trust that they will not.  More importantly, it’s not a significant other that you’re placing your trust.  When you place your trust in a human-being you’re making them God in the place that you’re expecting them to have results.  Your trust is in God first because a person will let you down or fall short.

Uncommon (or No-longer-common): The uncommon let love be the reason they trust.  Let love be the reason to trust.   Place trust behind love.  It’s no different than what we’d do for family members.  No matter how much a child tramples on our trust, love still prevails and we continue to trust God on their behalf.

If trusting precedes what ordinary people call “love” and ordinary relationships fail, why would I not try this uncommon way of love?  Why wouldn’t I give level-thirteen love a try? A trust?

Well, it’s that time.  Say it with me…
Insert your name in this phrase.  <Your name> always trusts. <Your name> trusts God so that I can trust others.

Question: What did you learn from level-thirteen love that helped you grow?  Share your comments with me below.

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