How do we know what to do?

How do we know what we are suppose to be doing?

The common questions we all have had sometime or another are:

What person am I to marry?
What house should I purchase?
What car should I drive?
What job or career should I take?
Where should I live?
What church should I attend?

I wish there were a chapter in the bible dedicated to just me, outlining the things I need to do with my life.

I have found that the answer lies within myself.  I was created to be me. However, I have either been trying to be me, all by myself or trying to be me, imitating some other person. I wasn’t created to be someone else; I was created to be unique. With that in mind, the answer to my question is how can I be the person I was created me to be? How can I be the person I am meant to be? How can I please Him and still be me? How can I be me and not embarrass Him? Answering these question will give me the peace and direction I need to be exactly who I am created to be.

Remember, no one has to approve of me or agree with me. At the same time, I leverage people to sharpen who I am, not change me.

How do I become me plus God? Let us hear from you.

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