Even if you know “why” what would it change?

Why Did this Happen to Me?

Part 1 – Even if you know “why” what would it change?

Our cousin, Americus, who was known by several names; Americus, Schelle and-one I wasn’t familiar with until her funeral-Meri, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and asked me this question several months prior to her passing: why is this happening to me?

She wanted me to give her a reason because if she knew the reason maybe we could find a way to reverse this thing.

She wanted to hear what most Christians hear from the people they do church with.

She wanted me to say something like…

Americus, it’s the sin in your life, that’s the reason this happened to you or…

It’s because of the lifestyle you’re living or…

Maybe it’s because you left some personal unfinished business behind or…

Just maybe it was a relationship you never healed.

She struggled with wanting to know why.  I’m sure you’re now wondering what I said to her.  The day she asked, I said nothing.  It took me awhile to respond but after asking God what I should say to her, here’s the response I was finally able to give: “Even if you knew “why” what would it change?”

Often, we get stuck trying to figure out things which may be too complicated for us to understand.  The Bible says that His [God’s] ways are not like our ways nor His thoughts are like our thoughts.  They are higher and better. This only means when we get an answer, it doesn’t always make a lot of sense until later, when circumstances reveal.

Knowing why will not change the past, present, or future.  The common response to an illness like cancer is to become consumed in “why is this happening to me?” “Common” seeks answers to questions that won’t produce any positive results.  The more I think about it, concentrating on “why” is like looking in a rear view mirror when you’re driving forward.  Don’t be derailed or hindered by getting stuck on why, but rather look at finding a solution or even changing your perspective entirely.

Understanding “why” to what God does or doesn’t do, to what you think He should, means you think you know more than God.

A lot of life can be spent trying to figure out “why” when the reason-from God’s perspective-was so that you could live in the first place.

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