Eternal Life is the Best Christmas Gift Ever

Do you believe in life after death? Are you living your life to prepare for the rest of your life, or are you living it to prepare for what comes after life?

“And anyone who believes in God’s Son [the no-longer-common] has eternal life [life that’s not normal; a different type of life]. Anyone who doesn’t obey the Son [the common] will never experience eternal life but remains under God’s angry judgment.” – Apostle John

week-51What does eternal life mean to you?

In today’s world, people drown themselves in materialism. They work double time to earn as much money as they can, and spend it all on things that would satisfy their material needs and wants. People beautify themselves in an effort to preserve their looks, and try to live their whole lives in fear of dying too young. They please themselves with earthly things, and try to impress other people by living lives shadowed with different insatiable needs. And after all these, people often look back at the lives they have lived regretting things they were not able to do and losing things that now seem more important than it did back then.

People spend their lives making a living, forgetting that they should be living life in the way that it was originally designed by God.

Eternal life is not about stretching your age or looking eternally young. Eternal life is about knowing how great and powerful God truly is, and living the rest of your days in a way that makes others see Jesus in you. It doesn’t matter how you look or how old you are. All that matters is you spend your entire life in celebration of the ultimate gift that God has given us: His Son.

iPray: Lord, thank You for giving us Your Son and for setting the perfect example of how life should be lived. We celebrate this gift by living life the way Your Son has lived it, walking according to the path that You have planned for us. Thank you for the best Christmas gift ever.

The above scripture quote is from John 3:36 from the New Living Translation.
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