A Connection That Makes All the Difference

How to Attach Yourself to a Life of Results?

Giving Your Prayer the Defense It Needs – Part 4

No matter what you think is happening there are people who need what you have. If your thirty-thousand-foot prayer is answered and you are successful, focus on the people who win. Remember there are people on the other side of the mission. The purpose for what you’re doing, especially if it’s a God-inspired dream, will be people who will benefit from what you’re doing on the other side of the completed mission. In Nehemiah’s world, it was never about the wall, but rather the people in which the wall impacted. In your world it’s not about your desire, it’s about the people that it impacts.

When to Be Different
At some point in the Nehemiah’s journey, he became the governor of Judah. That means he went from cup-bearer for the king to the leader of Judah. We’ll speak more about that later; I don’t want to get started on how a normal cup-bearer gets elevated to a top position in the land by becoming extraordinary via a thirty-thousand-foot prayer quest. At any rate, as an official, he and his staff were entitled to an official’s food allowance. This allowance included meals, drinks, and a daily stipend. This was the practice of former governors and their staff, but Nehemiah had a different approach, go figure.

Nehemiah had a connection with God that just wouldn’t allow him to take advantage of the people in that way. Instead, he devoted himself to personally working on the project, his thirty-thousand-foot prayer, alongside his staff who were required to work on the wall as well. He asked for nothing of the people, but rather invited 150 officials or more to his own table at his own expense. Uncommon, right? Nehemiah had the people he was serving on his mind and refused to make their way harder than it already was. 

Question: what kind of person takes advantage of the people they’re meant to serve?
Answer: an ordinary person who does what the normal officials had done before them.
Are you taking advantage of the people your life is meant to serve? Let’s talk about what made Nehemiah different from the rest and what will make you different.

The connection/disconnection principle…
The right connection propels. I noticed that Nehemiah had a connection with God that started when he was nothing more than a cup-bearer. As a result, he went from a place of no honor to a place of honor. It doesn’t surprise me that he would not allow his progress to change his connection. The bottom line is he maintained his respect for God and his connection with Him and his thirty-thousand-foot prayer.

Let’s talk about this connection and what it made possible. This connection took him from a lowly servant in the palace to having his own place of authority with servants. As I think about this connection, this distinct difference, I’m reminded of a popular quote made by Jesus. He says, “I am the true vine; you are the branches [have a connection with Him]. Those who remain in Me, will produce many results.”   

Remember, the big idea is your thirty-thousand-foot prayer. Anytime you pray, it works if you’re connected. In fact, when you’re connected, results begin to happen on their own. Prayer is the way you remain connected. He says for those who remain attached…well, how do you attach, connect. You do this through prayer.

Disconnecting from the right source brings ruin. I’d like to say disconnect and see what happens, but that’s called normal living. Being disconnected is the default. Since it’s the default then you know well what that looks like. Listen to how Jesus describes it. He says “when a branch [a person] is separated from the vine [Him] he/she cannot produce results.” In a disconnected state, you will lack results. You wanna know why the prayer isn’t working, you need to check your connection. No connection, the results begin to dry up. The bad thing about it is, it doesn’t occur all at once. Like a branch or vine, the severed limb doesn’t die immediately, but it’s dead nonetheless. Is this slow decay happening in your life, with your dream, with your goals, or your thirty-thousand-foot prayer?

Prayer, your connection, results in improvements. Prayer is an exercise routine designed to improve your life. With every encounter you have with God, it gives you an advantage in life, towards your goals, with your dreams, and as you take actions on your thirty-thousand-foot prayer.

The true vine [your connection to Jesus] has but one purpose, to make you better and produce more results. If anyone is attached, that person becomes an uncommon individual, a person unlike any one has seen before.

Not everyone will be successful. Success is a byproduct of the type of connection you have. In order to be successful, you need to connect to the success supply. You must learn how to attach yourself to what’s not normal, whose not normal and what produces the uncommon results you seek. Out of all the people who could, why are you the one selected for this quest? I believe it’s because you’re unlike anyone else. You have the making of an uncommon individual. 

Question: How have you severed the connection that can ensure the results you desire?

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