Christ’s Big Day

Just in case you didn’t know, Christmas is the ultimate Christian holiday. It’s celebrated around the world.  Those who partake in this celebration, regardless of how they feel or what they think, acknowledge-even if unknowingly-that our king is Lord.

Normal people think you can get around celebrating Christmas, this Christian event.  Quite the contrary, God is so uncommon, so unique that He has set it up in such a way that during this season lights go up around the world in celebration of His son.  Even Santa Claus represents what time of year it is.  I used to think that Santa was taking away from Christmas, but in reality Santa helps invite the season in.


merry christmasThe world tries to remove Christ from Christmas, but God is much smarter than the world.  He now gets the world decorating earlier and earlier each year starting before Thanksgiving and going well into the new year.  You see, where sin (that which is common to every man, woman and children) is prevalent, God’s power, intervention and intent is even more prevalent.

Every time you see a Christmas tree, it should make you smile. It says glory to God in the Highest. For every light you see lit, joy should fill your heart.  They sing praises to our God.  Every time you see a home decorated, you should pause and reflect on Him. For whether they mean to or not, they yield to giving respect to our God, the one who makes us no-longer-common.

Check this out, we use phrases like…

“I gotta get ready for Christmas.” What we’re saying is…we gotta prepare for Christ’s big day.

“I’m putting up my Christmas decorations.”  I must decorate for Christ’s big day.

“I need to put up my Christmas tree.” I have a tree (a symbol) to place in my home in honor of Christ, God who is with us.

“I need to finish my Christmas shopping.” I have gifts I need to give in light of Christ’s big day.

Christ: just His name itself means anointed One, special One.  The one who has the power to make your life unique, different, unlike any other.

He has planted in us a seed to ensure we recognize the fact that He is Lord.  Whether we confess allegiance to Him or not, we all must celebrate or endure Christmas-Christ’s Big Day!

We’re uncommon when we’ve accepted the call to be on His team.  So, don’t get all bent out of shape when the world tries to remove Christ from Christmas because…they can’t!  God has already outsmarted the world because His way of thinking is much more superior to ours.

In closing, do like I do and take your children around to see the homes decorated and let them know they are giving God praise. Laugh at the homes that aren’t decorated and pray that next year they will be. We are celebrating Christ, our Lord.  Every home should display… the town should be painted… the city should be lit up in honor of our savior. Today is Christ’s Big Day!

From our family to yours, Merry Christ-mas!

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