Big Plans for You

What I envision as great are the things that you read about in articles or see others doing on the news that makes a big difference in society or touches the world.  With this in mind, I never thought I would accomplish anything great and I am convinced most people feel the same way; it’s “common”.  It’s what makes us normal-average people.

Week20bTo be successful however, is different.  It’s uncommon.  It means you have to have something or do something that others aren’t.  Did you know that this is exactly what God, who is not ordinary, has planned for you?  He has big plans for you! Yes, that’s right.  God, who creates universes, has plans to make sure you are successful-not average, not like anyone else.

There is a preset and predetermined plan written with your name on it.  It says <insert your name>,has been chosen for something that no one else can do.  You have a set of gifts, talents, a craft that no one else has.  With these skills and God’s help,  you’re able to produce results in positive ways.  Using these gifts make your life seem easy.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you’ll be free of challenges but what I am saying is  that when you’re on His plan and not yours, life goes exponentially smoother.

If you surrender your life to Him, He’s going to help you achieve “it.” What is it? A life worthwhile. A life of greatness. A life of success. Being successful means you don’t have to settle for average ever again.  You are an achiever.  It’s in your DNA and in your make-up.

Today, I declare that you are connecting with His plan, His path, for your life.

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