Barrier 1 – What You Discredit May Be What You Need

What’s Standing In Your Way? – Part 2

Could rejecting the Bible be standing in your way?  What if you reject a portion of it like the Old Testament?  Or like most, just certain scripture you wish not to agree with?

Like any good book on any topic, why in the world would you reject its expertise on the subject? Let me give you some uncommon thinking.  When people try to get you to discredit a book like the Bible, you really need to ask them why? Why would its content no longer be of any value?  Why is this the only book on your irrelevant books’ list?
It has timeless lessons on leadership, romance, relationships, work ethics, self-improvement, you name it.  Why would someone want you to put it to the side, one book that has every subject in it that relates to life itself?  Sounds like someone who doesn’t want you to know something they don’t know – how to become uncommon. Sounds like someone who doesn’t believe in having good information on a topic.  Sounds like someone who knows that its content goes against them or their actions in some way or another. Just because a person chooses not to live by uncommon standards doesn’t mean a book, like the Bible, should be discredited from others who wish to have an uncommon life.  Which side do you fall?

Before I continue…let me say this.  Why would society fear mentioning Jesus’ name more than Hitler’s?  (To the left) This is what stupid people think…don’t mention the name of Jesus who killed no one, but be okay with speaking of Hitler who tried and came close to eliminating an ethnic group of people from the planet.  People get all crazy if you mention Jesus, but these same ordinary people don’t have the same reaction when you mention Hitler. If this thought doesn’t convince you to do some re-thinking, then there’s no uncommon hope for you.  Let me get back on topic.

I’m not afraid to mention “Jesus” because I’m just not like everyone else.   Jesus made the Bible good again and the part He made good is the O.T. (Old Testament).  

“Don’t misunderstand why I have come. I did not come to abolish the law of Moses or the writings of the prophets. No, I came to accomplish their purpose.”Jesus

Do Something With It
Jesus says Himself that we shouldn’t misunderstand why He came and it wasn’t to reject or nullify any part and certainly not the entire Bible.  It was to do something with it. Uncommon people don’t nullify it, but they do something with the information they have at their fingertips.

Normal people misunderstand why even Jesus came.  They want to minimize His existence and purpose for ever coming to earth in the first place.  Normal people think He came to get rid of the part of the Bible with all the rules. The truth is He came to show you what to do and how to use those rules.  

Normal people want to be free of rules altogether.  As if this isn’t true in today’s society, you can see this attitude all around us.  Normal wants to shed itself of the one thing the Bible wants you to have most, discipline.  Normal wants a life of results without taking action (discipline) to get the results. If this is the case and it is, ask yourself, why am I allowing my discredit of It to be a barrier to my success?

Did you know that life just doesn’t work out for the best like that.  Identifying what “normal’ wants points directly to what it would mean to be uncommon.  Uncommon people have discipline, take action, and abide by the rules.

He came to make it good.
You won’t realize this from popular culture, but a barrier is one that rejects words that came from God.  A barrier to have the life you dream of is based on rules and the rules whether you wish to admit them or not are found in the Bible.  If you study the success of any person, you can find the characteristics that made them successful in the Bible. They might not promote Christianity or even Christ for that matter, but their discipline and attributes that made them a success can be found where?  The Bible.

I’m not surprised that ordinary people would discredit the only truth that exists.  If you rid yourself of truth, anything goes. And in a society where anything goes, the rules, the law, freedom and equality all go out the door.  If there were better truth available out there that would be one thing, but discrediting the best advice the world has ever seen or will see, now that’s foolish.  No it’s just “normal.”

We’re talking about barrier number one, “What You Discredit May Be What You Need”, that’s standing in your way.  If Jesus thought putting it all back into the right perspective was important for us, then so should we. If the Old Testament (O.T.) is valuable, how much more then is its counterpart, the New Testament (N.T.)?  

Don’t allow this common barrier of discrediting the only book that truly matters to stand in your way to greatness.

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