Is Accepting Christ Really the End to Having Fun?

Fun now, Christ later

I have seen many people avoid Christianity because they feel they will lose the “good life.” They think they will become something they’re not – different. I too thought that becoming a Christian – a follower of Christ – meant giving up the things I enjoyed most. The common belief seems to be that once you are a Christian, you can no longer have a good time in life. If you interview people, especially young people, this is their common response; I won’t be able to have fun anymore. And because of this thinking, some would rather wait until later in life to accept Jesus; thinking this gives them time to have fun.

Christianity means no longer able to do…

Most people think that accepting Christ is like being placed into a cage, locked up – a restricted lifestyle. This was definitely my thinking; as a Christian I would no longer be able to do… However, like most of the world (common), this thinking is the direct opposite of the truth.

“If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” – The Disciple John

unrestrictedIn fact, most people are in bondage anyway–bondage to others, their job, their debts, their friends, others and even things. It’s a learned behavior that we pick up from the people around us who are also in bondage and don’t know how to live free. The truth is, freedom (an unrestricted life) comes from following Christ. It’s not until you learn His word for yourself that you will experience His freedom. He is not out to take your fun away; He’s just out to get you a partner to experience it with, Him.

The above scripture quote is from John 8:31-32 of the New Revised Standard Version.
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