5 Ways to Take Thanks-giving Beyond Thanksgiving

I ran into a little snag trying to figure out what message I should share this Thanksgiving.  For a number of years, I wanted to share more inspirational posts such as:
What Miracle is Waiting for You
Thanksgiving: The Uncommon Path to Greatness
Thanksgiving, a Miracle Awaits You
Thanksgiving the Holy Day

20161123-thanksgiving-blog-5-ways-to-take-thanks-giving-beyond-thanksgivingThis year I am feeling like I need to be more practical; provide tips and a plan of action.  After working with my team this week, they reminded me of my nickname, “the machine”.  They say… I have a process for everything.  So I decided to write a post on how “the machine” would experience Thanksgiving.   I wanted to put myself in the shoes of someone that could use help in making the most out of their Thanksgiving.  And there it was the question I needed to begin writing, how can I take thanks-giving beyond Thanksgiving?  What would “the machine” advise you to do?

  1. Identify your #1 problem with taking thanks-giving beyond Thanksgiving day. For me, it’s remembering to be thankful. My memory and routines don’t always allow for this to be at the forefront of my mind.
  2. Find your own reason to be thankful.  I have a scripture that reminds me, “whatever you’re thankful for has the potential of being your next miracle.
  3. Find a way to overcome your #1 problem.  I like using my tools.  If you haven’t learned this yet, your memory can’t be trusted.  It will and can fail you when you need it most. The answer to remembering everything lies in writing it down, a lesson I learned many years ago from a pastor I still respect to this day. Write down ways in which you can be thankful or show thanksgiving.
  4. Use your tools to execute your ideas for being thankful and showing thanksgiving.  I like using my devices (i.e. my mobile phone, iPad and computer). These devices give me options:
    • I can use my digital note-takers to record anything and carry it with me everywhere I go.  It allows me to have access at all times.
    • I can use electronic reminders.  iOS has reminders built into their devices (iPhone and iPad).  You can set a reminder for practically anything.  You can even set reminders by location.  I choose to use Google reminders so that I have access on all devices across all platforms.  Set a reminder to be thankful or show thanksgiving.  One example of this, I have a reminder set for each month to visit the local Hallmark store to purchase and send my wife a card regularly to show thanks-giving.
  5. Commit to continuing daily until it’s a lasting habit.  It’s no good to do something just once and expect for it to stay with you for a lifetime.  You must practice it.  The more you practice anything the better you become at it, including thanks-giving.

While I can probably keep going, I will stop here.  Remember, if you desire to have Thanksgiving last a lifetime, you’ll need to do what others are unwilling to do…make a habit of it.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

In what ways can you take thanks-giving beyond Thanksgiving?  I look forward to seeing what you can add.  Leave me a comment.

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