What Miracle is Waiting for You?

What Miracle is Waiting for You?

In the miracle Jesus performed with the 10 lepers, we generally have been taught to focus on the 1 leper who returned to give thanks to Jesus and give attention to the fact that the other 9 who were healed didn’t. However, before any of them had the opportunity to be presented with the option of giving thanks for this miracle, I want to draw your attention to another part of the story that might go unnoticed. It’s quite important for us now.

What Miracle is Waiting for You

The 10 lepers moved at the command of Jesus. They followed His instructions. They took action. How many of us (common) have heard or received our instructions, advice and even commands from God, but have never moved from the spot that we are in? This inaction is “normal”. What I mean by that is inaction is what normal people do. Jesus made healing available, yet if these lepers had never moved… If you never move… If they had never started on the journey that Jesus gave, “show yourself to the priest“, they would never had been cleansed from their leprosy, their disease. If you never move from where you are… where your family is…, where your relationships remain…, where your career has taken you…, you will not experience any different, uncommon, results.

Back to the lepers, if they had not moved on His instructions in the first place, no one would have had the opportunity to return to give thanks for a miracle. Is there a miracle waiting on you because you haven’t taken actions on what He said to do?

Have you ever been giving instructions on what to do, but it sounded so unrelated or so uncomfortable to do, that you just didn’t? Well, my friend I am afraid you might be leaving your miracle for your home, business, relationship, or community on the path that’s been waiting for you to travel. So, I say to you now, what (in the world) are your waiting for?

Be like the lepers, they had nothing more to lose but leprosy by following the instructions of Jesus. What are you willing to lose?

The No-Longer-Common Action: What instructions have you received but they sound so unrelated or uncomfortable for you to do? Leave your response and comments on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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