The One Word That Inspired This

A Few eXtra-Men From The Bible

Let me help you overcome the recency effort by bringing the definition of the one word that inspired this writing, back to the forefront.

Holy [Greek word “Hagios”] noun:

  1. to be pure – unmasked or genuine
  2. to set apart from common or status quo
  3. to be different and unlike no other – a masterpiece of your own
  4. to be separated – not attached to worldly standards
  5. to be Godly – not like normal human beings
  6. to be righteous – driven by God-standards and not common-standards

The Opposite Of Normal aims to teach people the difference between what’s common and uncommon, what the Bible calls “holy”. 

The goal is nothing more than to share the truth as it relates to every aspect of life that has been tainted, contaminated, corrupted, and spoiled by a disease we call “normal”.  When a person accepts the fact that they no longer have to be normal, they can tap into the ability that every person has of becoming something more.  

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit [the one who teaches and helps us to be uncommon] comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”” – ‬‬ 

You will/have receive power, uncommon powers, super-powers.  Take a look back at these ancient examples of what I call eXtra-men.  They have powers, those “holy” abilities that we’ve been discussing and so do you.  These examples I’m going to give you come from the section of The Bible called the hall of faith.  Let’s get to it.

Abel’s more acceptable gift.  Listen to how I phrased this.  Abel had a “more” acceptable gift than his brother, Cain.  His gift wasn’t normal, average, or ordinary; what he offered got God’s attention.  This is what we call uncommon. Holy? What are you doing so that your gift gets God’s attention?  

Enoch never experienced physical death.  Because Enoch was such an exceptional human-being, he defied an experience that all humans must face, death.  Enoch never experienced death.  He was known as a person who pleased God.  This isn’t normal. Holy? Or maybe, just maybe, driven by God-standards and not common-standards.  What are you known for? 

Noah prepared for something that never happened before.  Noah built a vessel that had never been built for an event mankind had never experienced so that he could save his family.  Common? No. Extraordinary. Holy? Try a masterpiece in its own right. What are you building that the world has never seen? 

Abraham left home to a place he’d never been.  God called Abraham to leave the place he lived for a better place and an inheritance of greater magnitude that would sustain a nation of people.  Ordinary? I don’t think so. Holy? Try not like normal human-beings. What place is God sending you to make a difference that’s bigger than you? 

Sarah gave birth to her first child well beyond the age for having children.  You got to love this one.  Sarah, a woman chosen by God, to give birth to God’s chosen group of people and she did so way after what anyone would consider child bearing years.  Natural?  No. Not even close to what normally happens.  Holy? Try set apart from common or status quo.  What are you doing that defies the age that you are? 

Joseph had faith for Israel.  Joseph’s story went a little something like this.  He was a dreamer whose siblings tried to kill him. He was sold into slavery.  He spent years in prison and later became the highest ranking official in all of Egypt, only 2nd to the King.  He was well respected, to say the least, and saved his family from certain death.  Ordinary? Not hardly. Holy? Try unmasked and genuine. He overcame in an extraordinary way.  What are you overcoming so that your family will benefit?  

One more, Moses was the greatest leader in history.  Moses’ parents hid him from certain death.  He refused to be identified as a member of his adopted (royal) family.  Following his leadership, the Israel nation walked through the mighty Red Sea.  He became the deliver of the people of Israel.  You know his story.  You tell me was Moses an ordinary man?  Not at all. Holy? He was unlike any other leader the world has ever seen.  What are you doing that’s unlike anything the world, your world, has ever seen? 

I’ve given you these examples not so that you can believe they had something you’d never have, but to show you what God has planted in you, is no different than what’s planted in them.  You can be in the “hall of faith” but you will have to let ordinary, normal, and common go. Ordinary is not enough to get you in the “hall of faith” and “holy” is not what you think it is.

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