The Determinator

How Your Friend’s Superpower Can Energize Yours?

I Call Them eXtra-men – Part 4

Do you have a friend who gives you drive and determination?  They’re always doing and accomplishing more?

I have two “go-to” movies when I know my determination begins to wean. They are “Men of Honor” and “The Pursuit of Happyness“.

Men of Honor.  In this story of navy diver Carl Brashear, when all odds pointed in the direction that he would never become the navy diver he so dreamed about, it was his determination that made the difference.  He had what I call uncommon determination. It’s the kind of determination that you usually don’t find just anywhere. Just as a side-note, everyone who has determination is uncommon; it’s not a common characteristic.

Jo: Why do you want this so bad?
Carl Brashear: Because they said I couldn’t have it.
– Men of Honor

The Pursuit of Happyness.  Talk about a movie I’ve seen hundreds of times, I used this movie of the true story of a struggling salesman who when you thought life could get no worse, it does time and time again.  You’d think life didn’t have any other blows to take at him, but somehow his life would become worse. It’s people like this, who have determination when quitting and giving up seems like the only option, remind me that I have what it takes.

“Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t do something. Not even me. All right?” –  Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

What if you had someone in your life with such determination that when you get in their presence you pick up their energy and drive to continue to push forward?

This leads me to my uncommon friend and eXtra-man, who I call “The Determinator.”

A Firsthand Perspective with a “Determined” Superhero

Let’s call this guys, “Antonio.”  We’ve been together now for more than half a decade.  Time sure does fly; it seems like we met only a short while ago.  I’ll begin with what I’ve witnessed this guy do. Do you know what it means to witness?  It says I have a firsthand perspective. It means I have a seat in the room. It means what I’m about to say isn’t second-hand information.  

He’s made life decisions that most people would never make; he’s an uncommon life-decision maker.  I’ve seen Antonio take hold of his faith and fall for God in ways I’ve never seen any other human-being.  Honor and respect ooze from his pores. Disciplined as a solder and passionate about mentoring others, this guy takes it to the next level.  While maintaining a balance between his professional work, home, marriage, parenting, and serving, he still has the determination to further his education as well as teach post secondary education in his downtime.  I know; incredible. Right?! Seal team seven can’t touch this guy.

What he provides me with is determination, but an uncommon determination.  The more I think about it, placing the word “uncommon” in front of determination is an oxymoron.  Determination is a characteristic of the uncommon. It’s ordinary, average, normal people who lack determination.  The more that he does the more I think I can do. The more he studies, the more I study and write. The more leadership books he reads the more I read.  The more he exercises the more I run. The more he mentors, the more I coach. He would say it’s the other way around, but what would you expect from a guy of this magnitude.  X-man? No, extraordinary man! eXtra-man.

Holy is a word that’s very misused and understood; “holy” is not what you think.  You see this friend is “holy” because he is not only unlike anyone else I know, he’s even unlike any of my other friends.  He has a super-power and that power is determination. What super-powers can you find in your friends so that you know what gift they bring to your friendship?

Until next week, identify the super-power one of your friends possess and share it with them.  In this way, you’ll unlock more of their power and more of your potential.

Can you do me a favor and share this message with at least one other person.  Thanks in advance.

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