What Do You Expect of a Spirit-filled Person?

In Plain Sight, But Not Seen – Part 2

Did you know that the world should be in shock, left speechless and utterly surprised when your gift, talent, and unique skill emerges?  

Have you ever seen one of those talent shows were people sing, like American Idol or America’s Got Talent?  There’s that person who doesn’t look like they can rub 2 nickels together, let alone be a singing sensation.  But then it comes, those incredible notes and sounds from deep within, passing through their lungs and over their vocal cords and finally off their lips.  This person can really sing. They have a gift that went unseen, while they themselves were in plain sight. Let this example sink into your thoughts as I try to explain why each of us have this same ability.  Not to sing, even though some will be able to sing, but to do something so incredible that it shocks those around us.

“The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit [the force that makes them exceptional in some special way].” – bible.com/116/jhn.3.8.nlt

As human beings we are unpredictable, because His Spirit is unpredictable.

The Spirit isn’t unpredictable like popular thinking would have you believe.
Popular thinking will have you thinking that the Holy Spirit will have you behaving in weird, demonic-like, and even possessed-kinds of way.  If we allow popular thinking to dictate how we behave when impacted by God’s spirit, we would come to expect:

  • Change in how we look.  We expect the holy-ghost filled people to look old fashion.  For you to be filled with the spirit means you’d have to wear long dresses with no makeup if you’re a lady.  And an old outdated suit, preferably brown with brown shirt, socks and shoes, if you’re a guy.
  • Speaking in and out of tongues.  This is my favorite.  Common teaching has us believing that a spirit-filled person will speak in an unusual  language that normal people can’t understand. Just out of nowhere the spirit-filled person will stop talking in English and speak in an unknown, maybe ancient language.  Oh how I wish I could speak in an ancient language, I promise I’d mess some people up with that.
  • See angels and demons.  This one isn’t as popular as the first two, but common inspired thoughts have you thinking that spirit-filled people can see angels and even demons.  

Now thinking about all that for a second, how is that unpredictable if we all know that’s what happens to a spirit-filled person?  Doesn’t seem so unpredictable does it? This is exactly the kind of non-sense that people who don’t have a clue make up.  It’s just like someone who assesses a person’s skills by how they look outwardly.   They miss what’s in plain sight, but not seen. Are you missing what The Spirit has given you that makes you the sensation you truly are?

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