The Declaration of Something Extraordinary

Holy is Not What You Think – Part 3

In order to gain insight and understanding into something you think you know, it’s a good practice to go back to the beginning.  In addition to this, I have a practice called “Start with a Blank Page”.   Starting with a blank page, is me simply overlooking what I think I know and what I’ve already learned about a subject and start over.  You see, the reason it’s important to start over is because most of the thoughts we have came from “normal” people who pass down “normal” thinking.  In order to get beyond this “normal” trap, it requires a different approach. You should give it try.

This leads me to taking a first look at the word in question, “holy”.  I’m going to review the first mention of the word in my Bible. Warning: when we originally learned the term it wasn’t based upon what we’re about to discover.  Normal people don’t take the time to research nor get a deeper understanding of any subject matter, they simply consume what’s handed down to them. Let’s dig in.

“God blessed the seventh day and made it a holy day. He made it holy because on that day he rested. He rested from all the work he had done in creating the world [in the previous 6 days].” –

Declared “Holy”
Here’s God on the seventh day [of the week] and it says He made it “holy”.  That means a of couple things:

  1. The day wasn’t “holy” on it’s own.
  2. Something that wasn’t “holy” can become “holy”.

God took a normal, average, just like the rest of the days, day and made it “holy”.  In another translation of this verse, He declared it “holy”. That says that just because something isn’t born or created “holy” already doesn’t mean it can’t become “holy”.  I’ll stop here and remind you; we still don’t know what this word means. We’re just making an observation from the 1st mention of the word. It wasn’t until 6 days had passed and He got to this 7th day that He decided to do something different with it.  He made it “holy”.

The 7th day wasn’t “holy” when God made the 6th day.  He approached the 7th day and said to the thing that wasn’t “holy” already that you are now.   What that says to me regarding this word is that something that wasn’t “holy” yesterday can be made “holy” today.  I think this message is going to be good once we get an understanding of what this word really means.

This day was nothing special until it was declared special.  Your life is nothing special until you declare it special. Your children aren’t special until you declare them special.  How about this? Your marriage is nothing special until you declare it special. If you like that… your day isn’t special until you declare that it’s special.  I could go on… Your life is nothing special until you first declare it.
Getting excited yet?

Why Was It “Holy”?
I like asking questions of the text; it helps me get a better understanding.  Why was this 7th day “holy”? What made it stand out? In the text, you see the word “because”, what follows is the explanation to our question, why.  “On that day He [God] rested”. This literal text could make this study a little sticky. You could conclude that any time we rest, then that day becomes “holy”.  That would be a good conclusion if this was the only verse you ever read and studied. Let’s look beyond the literal statement and see its context. On all the other days, God did something besides rest.  He worked. On the 7th day, he changed it up and made it a day for rest. He altered what was “commonly” known as a day. Up until the 6th and including the 6th day, days were nothing more than workdays. There was no reason under normal circumstances that the 7th day shouldn’t follow the same pattern.  In order for the 7th day to be just like the others, all God had to do was the same thing He had done on the other days.

Now for you, if you want a life like all the other lives you’ve ever seen, all you need to do is repeat their patterns.  If you want children who look like and behave like all the other kids you’ve known, then do nothing different and your children will be the same.  If you want a marriage that’s heading down the same path as all the other marriages you see and know, then follow in their pattern and you’ll have it.  But if you want something, different (a 7th day so to speak), then you’ll need to change it up a bit. You’ll need to declare it something different and act like it’s something different.

I must say I love this message myself; this is what I was born for (declare it).  So this is the message I deliver (act on it).

Guess what, we are just getting started.  This is the 1st appearance of the word “holy”.  In our next message, we will discover what it actually means.  It’s definition changed my world and I’m going to use it to change yours.  Holy is not what you think!

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