A Product Of The Gift You’re Given

This Gift I Have The World Didn’t Give It To Me – Part 5

Is there a shortage of skills, talents, or gifts that are available to human beings?  Is there something special about someone with a talent that makes me less than special?

There is no shortage of gifts.
Contrary to what you may believe or have heard, there is no shortage of gifts.  Ordinary people have been given the belief they’re not as gifted as other people.  You know what I mean, normal means you’re nothing special, you’re just normal. When a normal person sees someone else who uses their gift, they may say… I wish I had his skills or I wish I had her talent.  This is what I call normal talk. It happens more times than not.

The uncommon, however, see what they have as being as great as any other gift known to mankind.  The uncommon believe they have a gift and it’s just as great, if not greater than the best gift, talent, or skill out there.  Here’s something I tell myself, there is no one else on the planet who has this message or gift of teaching others to be “no longer common”.  That’s a gift that’s unique to me and I must use it as if it is the greatest gift on the planet. What’s yours?

You need to ask yourself why or better yet how is this thinking possible?

“God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.” – ‭bible.com/116/1pe.4.10.nlt

Boosting your confidence in who/what you are.
Knowing this can do a number of things to boost your confidence in who you are and what you have to offer the world.  Here are three uncommon insights:

  1. It provides an assurance that what I have and am is unique.
    Since God has a variety of gifts available that He gives, then my gift is unlike another’s.  Hey guys, we’re talking about God here, who is unlimited in all His ways. There’s no reason He would have to repeat a single gift, talent or skill.  He doesn’t run out just because we can’t wrap our little minds around what He can do.
  2. It confirms that I have someone that makes me of value to the world around me.
    Since God has a variety of gifts, that means I have one to use just like my neighbor (the person beside me) has one.  God is the giver so no matter what others think about you, you have the gift that God gave you and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  No one can deny you of what God, Himself, has given you and you better believe that!
  3. It gives me a way to be a source of generosity.
    Since God uses gifts so that His generosity can flow through us, then I need to learn to manage what I have to offer.
    Think about it.  If God uses the gifts He gives us so that He can be generous, then there is no reason for Him to withhold a gift from any person.  In fact, it means you might just have more than one gift, skill, talent, or trade. What do you think?

Looks like He’s waiting on you (me) to do something no one else has done with what He’s already given you (me).  Be the first person to be you. Don’t attempt to be the second person to be someone else. You have a gift, talent, skill, that no one else has, now use it in ways to expose God’s generosity.

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