Learning to Share a Child

I have to admit that this title might not go over well. However, it’s a common scenario. There are a number of people who find themselves in a shared-time parenting scenario. And for some reason, one of the parents acts like they are the child’s only parent. No matter what actions one takes, the truth is your child is their child. No matter which side of the table you sit on, their child is your child. The question is how will you make it work for your child, your child’s blended family and for you?

““You’re familiar with the old written law, ‘Love your friend,’ and its unwritten companion, ‘Hate your enemy.’ I’m challenging that. I’m telling you to love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer, for then you are working out of your true selves, your God-created selves. This is what God does. He gives his best—the sun to warm and the rain to nourish—to everyone, regardless: the good and bad, the nice and nasty. If all you do is love the lovable, do you expect a bonus? Anybody can do that. If you simply say hello to those who greet you, do you expect a medal? Any run-of-the-mill sinner does that.”

Since prayer is an action taken by a believer, then as above scripture points out, you will not be able to get away with hating your enemy. If that’s the case, then you can’t hate your child’s other parent. In fact, you will need to allow them to bring out the best in you. For this to happen you will most certainly need to pray. Let’s do it.

[Pray This]
Heavenly Father, help me to be unlike those who allow the people they bring out the worst in them. It’s time for me to take my love for others and extend it beyond my child’s other parents all the way to my enemies. I can’t do this without You. Will You help me Lord? In Jesus’ name.

Your Action (What action based on your prayer can you take?):
Draft out a plan on how you can add value to the relationship your child has with their other parents and act on your plan.

For more on this topic, see “My Child is Your Child.”

Prayer Disclaimer Notice: prayer is not a miracle, it’s our conversation with God which gives us insight on how to respond to our situations and the world around us. For more detail, please review our prayer disclaimer notice in its entirety, available at nolongercommon.com/nlc-prayer-disclaimer.  

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